When we first started building our house, where the TV was going to be was a huge debate. With such an open floor plan I didn’t love the idea of seeing a TV from every angle in the room. But #lee was adamant that we would want one not just in the basement. So we were met with a dilemma – how to mount a Samsung Frame TV above a mantle that makes sense from a design and function perspective.

#leeAPPROVED: How to Mount a Samsung Frame TV Above A Mantle


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I’ve shared so many snippets over the months of our old-world inspired bathroom, but there really has never been any type of collective snapshot – until now!

From the very beginning, I always knew I wanted our primary bathroom to feel serene. I used our guest bathroom as a project to play, but this bathroom was always meant to be a point of relaxation. A space layered with timeworn textures and patterns. Granted they are faux-timeworn textures in a modern bathroom. With a few well-executed plans and a bit of thrifting luck, our bathroom turned into the sanctuary we always dreamed it could be

An Old-World Inspired Bathroom REVEAL

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I feel as though the title of this post is a bit misleading. Because rolling up your sleeves and building your own house puts you squarely in a save category and not a splurge one. That being said I do feel like there were areas where we allocated our budget more to one side than the other. No matter where you are in the building process (dreaming, saving, framing) you’ll come up against your budget. It’s just the way construction works.

Where We Splurged & Where We Saved on Our Home


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