The holiday season is here! Which means entertaining becomes somewhat of a national pastime and at one point or another you will end up gathering around a table this season. Though what is on your holiday tabletop is something you either look forward to or have absolutely no interest in. Since tabletops are actually a huge part of my life (I’m a Marketing Manager at local wedding rental company) I’ve learned that there are some table trimmings that can actually be relevant for any holiday tabletop. A glassware or linen obsession is not required!

4 Things for Your Holiday Tabletop

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When we were building our house I had BIG plans for our small guest bathroom. Yes, it was without a window. And yes, I wanted dark paint. Our whole house is painted in one white color (#budget) so this room felt like a great space to add a pop of color. After hunting around Pinterest and browsing a few of my favorite home decor blogs, it didn’t take me too long to settle on wanting a dark green wainscoting bathroom.

BATHROOM REVEAL: Vintage Dark Green Wainscoting


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Oh how times have changed. I swear I used to blindly run out and buy the newest of trends for whatever new season was approaching. Never once thinking about what is already in my closet or how the new pieces would come together. While I’m sure I still have room for improvement, over the last few years I’ve watched my purchases turn to classic shapes that are timeless transitional pieces.

Timeless Transitional Pieces for Any Wardrobe


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