A huge thing we kept repeating while designing and ultimately building our home was – we want our house to feel cozy. And that included our bedroom! So much so, that just about every piece I’ve added to our bedroom has a really beautiful tactile texture that makes you want to sink in and never leave. Finally after a year of building and a considerable amount of time on Marketplace, our cozy bedroom is almost complete.

Cozy Bedroom Reveal

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When we first started building our house, where the TV was going to be was a huge debate. With such an open floor plan I didn’t love the idea of seeing a TV from every angle in the room. But #lee was adamant that we would want one not just in the basement. So we were met with a dilemma – how to mount a Samsung Frame TV above a mantle that makes sense from a design and function perspective.

#leeAPPROVED: How to Mount a Samsung Frame TV Above A Mantle


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The weather may not be exactly warm here in Montana, but the winter cold is already on its way out. Our winters are notoriously long up here so by the beginning of April I’m more than ready for warmer days. We are still a month or two out from consistently wearing sweaters, but that hasn’t stopped me from adding spring when and where I can. With the help of a couple decorative planters, both inside and out, I’m able to enjoy Spring long before the weather cooperates.

Decorative Planters for Spring


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