My 2018 Beauty Commitments

With our number of January days starting to dwindle I figure I need to get this post up sooner rather than later!  I definitely think 2018 will bring more than just beauty products and routines to me…but let’s be honest – we all know beauty habits are some of my favorite discussions.  Especially if they go beyond the obvious pretty makeup bits and actually tackle more important things like self care.

Go makeup free at least once a week.

For some of you this is probably an easy to do, but as some one who suffers from fussy acne prone skin this has always been an end goal for me.  A wouldn’t-it-be-great-kind-of-thing.  But with the combination of PMD tool + Sunday Riley Vitamin C serum this highly dreamed about goal is almost a reality.


Be an SPF warrior.

I seem to yo-yo on my SPF usage and while I spend the majority of my days indoors, I would like to become a more conscious SPF user.  Even if I have to add Supergoop’s Setting SPF mist back in my routine!  Whatever gets me to make SPF a conscious addition to my beauty routine.

Look in the mirror and say 3 nice things every day to myself

Much like my commitment to gratitude I think a love of self is important.

I don’t really suffer from body issues (or at least not more so than the average woman) but I’ve started to notice a bad habit that I picked up. If anytime a bad day happens I’ll immediately pick on my reflection. As if the smoothness of my skin had anything to do with me forgetting a work assignment!

If I wouldn’t say it to a friend I won’t be saying it to myself in 2018.

Beauty Habits

My 2018 Beauty Commitments

Invest in a quality all around makeup palette.

Tarte has been my go-to for the last couple of years with makeup palettes.  Though I’m finding myself reaching for them less and less.  Whether it’s the fact that I’ve had them for awhile or I’m wanting a bit more from a palette, I’m not quite sure.  But Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look in a Palette caught my eye and it looks all too perfect for a pretty glow on the go.

Also, I own not one CT product and that feels a bit wrong.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Hydrate with moisturizer. Hydrate with water. Just hydrate.

Beauty Habits

Hair mask at least once a week.

While moving to Montana definitely threw my skin for a loop, I think it may have thrown my hair for an even bigger one.  I’m not sure if it’s the joys of aging or the more Northern cold, dry air, but oy.  My hair has never been more dry.

Aside from switching up my everyday hair products to something a bit more moisturizing (Davine’s Minu line has been  h a i r  c h a n g i n g),  I also started committing to a deep mask treatment once a week.  I’ve gone as cheap as Organix lines to Livingproof Restore Mask Treatment.  Quite frankly I’ll always be partial to Livingproof, but I think the most important thing is that you commit to one deep mask treatment a week.

(Deep mask treatment simply means letting the product sit in your dry hair overnight.)

Find more clean makeup brands.

Ok, I say this one commitment with trepidation.  Mainly because I’m just not well versed in clean makeup lines.

I’ve been wholly committed to my Jane Iredale pressed powder foundation for years, but really this is more for how kind it is on my skin and how beautiful it layers.  The clean beauty claim has always been a cool addition to me.

However, makeup lines like RMS beauty have been catching my eye! Perhaps like skincare, green makeup has come a long way.


Probably not the most important article you will read about tackling 2018, but one that reminds you self care and a few beauty commitments can make a bigger difference than you think.

What’s one beauty habit or commitment you want to try this year? 


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