5 Ways to Add a Little Balance to Your Week

A couple people always ask me why I don’t talk about balance more on here. And really I just never ever want this to be a space that feels like a pedestal for anyone to step up too.  Like only those who love balancing out their life or who are good at can participate. No no.

I completely have this vision of all of us trying to balance (and maybe even failing) our lives and that’s what I write this blog for. (And also for a fierce love of skincare.)  But this vision of balancing out life with a little group of people encouraging and inspiring others along the way is really what I want my corner to be.

Yet… life always happens. And more often than not, our balancing is no more.  So today I’m sharing some very non standard ways of bringing balance back to your week.

Staying Still


By far this is the hardest thing for me to do.  Especially after a long day or even week of just feeling off kilter.  But often I get so into  f i x i n g things that I cannot fix, that I forget to just be.  I think it fights everything we have been taught – if you aren’t happy, fix it.

Well sometimes that just isn’t going to work.

So some days I just pick up a favorite book and sit in my favorite corner of my house.  Some days I read for hours and hours, and others I’m lucky if I can sit still for ten minutes.  But no matter how long I can stay in my corner it just seems to help me gain a little perspective.  Like yes this day or week was a complete wash, but I have so many other blessings I can count.  And other days it just helps me not say things I would later regret. Staying still doesn’t have to mean giving up.

Ways to Balance Out Your Life

Ways to Balance Out Your Life

Ways to Balance Out Your Life

Bring in some blooms

There is something about having fresh flowers in your house that can completely freshen up your perspective!

For one you are going to have to step outside and get some fresh air.  (Which totally helps if still getting good at sitting still like me.)  And two you get pick out pretty flowers where you can literally do no wrong! I also am a big fan of building my own bouquet rather than buying ones – I’m thinking a post on this is in order – as it gets you creating and doing.  

Linen Spray

Ok well, this probably isn’t the band aid you thought I would prescribe, as it’s certainly not a cure all, but there is something a bit refreshing about crawling into sheets that smell of sweet peppermint. (Or lilac, your choice!)  This linen spray from Whispering Willow acts as my blank sate creator.  Sort of like an eraser to the days I just couldn’t balance out no matter what.  And an easy way to say, “Ok Life you win today, but don’t worry I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Poppy's Flower Boutique Laramie Wyoming

Find a comfort routine

I think us skincare obsessives know the importance of routines and sticking to them, and I think there is something comforting about them It’s along the same lines of just accepting what you can’t control and focusing on what you can.  And dang it if my life is going to be a mess at least I know my skincare routine down pat. 😉

If you aren’t a skincare freak find something else to stick to!

Maybe it’s a certain recipe you know you can nail every time or a workout routine your muscles know backwards and forwards.  The point of a routine is to get out of your own way and let your body + mind do something they know how to do, without you over analyzing it.

Balance for everyone is so different, as we all make time for our joys differently. Though creating balance is something we can all learn from one another – whether that’s getting out of our own way or simply starting with a blank slate, balance is never too far away.

How do you create balance in your life??

xo Kelsey



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  • First off, all of your photo’s are so pretty (as usual)! Secondly, I’m excited to both see and read your post about creating your own perfect bouquet of flowers – I honestly thought you had bought this bunch from a shop, so the fact that you put it together yourself is soo cool and also such a great idea 🙂 I don’t tend to stick to many routines as they can then begin to feel like a chore, but one routine I do stick to every week is my double Zumba exercise classes that I go to with two of my friend’s and I absolutely love it! Although, I probably should also stick to a skincare routine as I’ll only regret it as I get older!xo

    Char |

  • Creating balance…well, is a balancing act! No matter how hard you try, you definitely fall of the beam sometimes. I the biggest thing I do is remembering to take time for me. Like you said, some days that is 10 minutes, other it is sitting and catching up on all my favorite TV shows for a couple of hours. For me it is all about finding multiple things that I enjoy doing that allows me to step away for a while.

    Brittany |

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