A Simple Guide for Traveling in Comfortable Style

A couple of times people have commented on my traveling style and it always makes me smile.  Not necessarily because I consider myself to be super fashionable, but more because my main goal for travel is comfort + convenience and if that happens to come across as stylish I’m more than happy to embrace that description.

I travel quite a lot for work and also for  m e , though for years I was one of the worst over packers there was.  I crammed far too much in an already oversized suitcase and while I still use the same oversize suitcase you can find me making sure my photography gear gets top priority versus outfits.  So rather than cram every cute shirt you have in your suitcase (I get it there is too much cute anymore), take a few steps and use a little math to make sure your suitcase won’t be overpacked.

Travel Style Guide

Travel Style Equation.

Travel Style Guide

That’s only ten pieces that can create so different many outfits.  Life often doesn’t fit into an equation quite so neatly, so of course there will be times this simply won’t work – my trip down to the beach for instance – though asides from beach wear this was essentially what I packed along even for that trip.

Rather than you rolling your eyes and second guessing my tried and tested mathematical work (HA), I thought I would explain a bit of the reasons behind the equation:

Dresses vs bottoms

In my closest dresses and bottoms are easily interchanged, especially in the fall.  I often slip sweaters or button downs easly over a dress with some boots.  It’s an easy and carefree way to add a little bit of variety among my pre planned outfits.  And if dresses aren’t your thing then lucky you – you get to add one more pair of jeans to your luggage!


Two.  Max three.

That’s right. I believe simple traveling stays right around two pairs of shoes.  Feel free to add in another one if you plan on working out or have a specific event to attend while on the road.  Like I said, life rarely sticks to our ‘guides.’ But traveling really only requires one pair of shoes easy to get around in, though I think you deserve more than what you need and should have another pair you love reaching for.

These huarache-esque flats are possibly one of the best shoe decisions I have made in a while. They are a really nice cognac shade that pairs well with just about everything, plus they slip on and off like a dream.

One hat.

How I haven’t always traveled with one of these all of my life I do not know.  While I do think they are typically a fashion statement, they are an even better way to hide that second (or third) day travel hair we have always experienced.  GigiPip has some of the cutest hats that are easily packable, but quite frankly I bring them on the plane with me since I often am rocking a hat/hiding my third day hair from fellow travelers.

Travel Style Guide

Travel Style Guide

Travel Style Guide

I know limiting yourself before you even get on vacation is not really all that enticing.  B U T I do think that by making sure your suitcase stays simple and fuss free, then you can focus on the important things whilst traveling.

What do you make sure your is tucked away in your suitcase?

xo Kelsey



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  • This is lovely post!

    Beauty Candy Loves

    • Thank you so much Candice! xo

  • Such a nice post! I love the style equation, I’ll definitely be using that when I travel! x

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Millie! And I hope it helps out a bit. xo

  • Don’t forget that less clothes more space for shopping haul 😉 I can’t with over-packing, it just gets me all neurotic that my trunk will go overlimit, this is such a lovely post.

    Selene Addicted

    • YES! I think your reasoning may have beaten all of mine 🙂 Thanks Dea for such a sweet comment. xo

      • You’re welcome, Kelsey 🙂 Have a great day!

  • Such great tips! I am the WORST at packing. I literally wear the same thing like everyday but when it comes to packing, I suddenly feel like I need to bring everything I own!! haha <3


    • You sound just like me Tahana!! It’s like you try to prepare for every little thing in one suitcase 🙂 Thanks for stopping by love! xo

  • I love your mathematical packing recipe, it seems like a good one! I am also in love with those sandals, currently online trying to buy them 🙂

    Kez |

    • I’m so glad you love it! I was a bit nervous that maybe I was making it too weird, but I really do stick to that equation. EEE! I hope you were able to get them 🙂 I am currently wearing them right now and love them so much. xo

      Kelsey |

  • Love this post! Love the style equation. I ALWAYS overpack and then end up trying to cram my suitcase which makes everything super stressful haha! This will definitely come in handy next time I travel! x


    • I’m so glad you loved the post! I know exactly how you feel as I was always the person who just way overpacked e v e r y t h i n g. Thanks for stopping by love! xo

  • I normally take two shoes and basically only wear one pair. I don’t think I’m an outfit over packer but when it comes to makeup I’m the absolute worst! If I could take my whole collection I would haha x

    | |

    • That is because you are crazy talented with your makeup and I can hardly blame you for packing everything 🙂 We basically should travel together as we would have an entire wardrobe + makeup collection on hand!

  • Versatility is key when traveling! I’ve never thought about and equation to limit myself when I pack but I definitely try to pick items that can easily be paired together and easily go from casual to dressy. We keep this tips in mind when I start packing for my trip next week!

    Brittany |

    • It honestly has really helped me to stop packing everything I can think of 🙂 And yes I just make sure that a lot of my stuff can be paired or layered together – it makes all the difference! Thanks for such a lovely comment. xo

  • I always end up packing tons of dresses anyway. Eh 🙂
    p.s. My antivirus is blocking you on my laptop – idk why but may be worth checking?

    • I won’t lie summer travels are pretty much all that I pack 🙂

      WEIRD… and thank you thank you for letting me know! xo

  • I am always so guilty of over-packing, there’s just something comforting about having lots of choice! I admit it is ridiculous though because I don’t even end up wearing half of it! This is such a great guide to follow and all of your photo’s are super pretty 🙂 xo

    Char |

    • Thanks so much Char! And yes! I was the exact same way (and sometimes still am) where I just pack absolutely everything and then don’t even touch half of it. I hope the post helps you out in the future. xo

  • Omg haha I literally need to start using this equation when I go away….I take far too much stuff and don’t even wear half of it! x

  • I need this post! Thanks for the tips 🙂

    xx Tienne

  • I love the formula. I’ve been doing a lot of mini trips, and weekend getaways myself lately so I definitely agree with a lot of this. But do you have any suitcase recommendations? My bag always seems to look stuffed even when I’m just packing the essentials

weekly peaches