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I did it you guys. I stopped Googling, second guessing, and putting off this little idea of mine and hit ‘publish.’  I feel like I’ve almost teased my own shop too much and if I did I’m so sorry! Let’s just say my engineering, nor chemistry classes walked me through how to create an online fine art printshop.  Ask me to write a mean Excel equation and I’m your lady.  But online business? Oy. I struggle.

Still the day is here and I’m officially ‘open.’

I was nervous to only have a couple of prints in the shop as I had dreamed of much more… but these are the ones I have in my own home.  And I didn’t want to sell something I wouldn’t put up on my own walls. So the shop is small… but well used!

Roses Fine Art Print

moody, feminine roses

Easily my favorite print of the shop.

I’ve a big fan of weaving in feminine pieces into our home and quite frankly if I could somehow get one in every room I totally would! (I think L may start to veto me at some point though.)  It’s just enough moody.  And still feminine that it can be a statement piece like I’ve created or a fun addition to a work space.


abp Fine art print shop

crisp, clean trees

Honestly I didn’t dream of this on my walls and I like to call it my happy coincidence.  L was moving in with me and I was trying to tone down play the pink in my home and decided this would do the trick.  Turns out I discovered that the clean lines and simplicity of the photo, made it almost as agreeable as the roses. (Sorry I can’t help it but the roses are still my favorite!)

Where I have a wall that is cluttered this is the print I turn towards.  It’s tranquil details make the it the cherry on top for what would be a lack luster corner.

Bonus – no pink and semi manly. Also bonus – looks really good with pink.


I decided to go with fine art paper for my shop rather than canvas prints.  I like the traditional and more matte look of prints. Your own print will come wrapped in protective plastic and I would suggest keeping it in it until you find a place for it on the wall or a frame for it.  (I didn’t follow this advice for my own and it became quite scratched.)

I hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!


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