Another New Look?

If you could just imagine the eye roll I’m giving myself at this title. Because yeah. Another new look to my teeny tiny corner of the internet in under a year has me a bit annoyed.  But I’m also head over heels for my new site as I designed it completely myself – with the help of the amazing ShowIt team.  And it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of designing.

So yeah. I’m annoyed, but I’m also bouncing up and down.


That is the question I’ve asked myself over and over again over the past couple months.  And really there are so many answers, but I’ll try to keep it simple.

One – I knew needed to switch hosting sites after reading Chelsie’s post and after some other interesting news happening, but I wondered if I was also just poising myself for another quick shuffle of what company I’m loyal to… so I started looking for other options.

TwoKatie showed me all the customization that comes from a Showit site and I just couldn’t help but fall for it.

Showit is a completely new company to me and while typically used for photographers, I saw it as an opportunity to finally stop being apathetic about my blog style.  I can’t tell you how many times I get the “critical error – would you like to continue?” alert on my computer when I try coding (#newbprobs) which typically leaves me in tears or a broken site.  (Both of these happened with my last blog migration + a late night call to L + a hefty dollar amount spent at a company to help me fix what I couldn’t.)

So when I started my website I couldn’t  b e l i e v e  the simple drag and drop style.  And not just drag and drop simple stuff, I’m talking drag, drop  e v e r y t h i n g.  I have no coding experience and was able to design this all by myself.

Granted Showit has amazing tutorials and held my hand during the migration (fiiiine they did it all), but really all this was my vision.

The downside? Premium sites aren’t cheap.

The upside? They host my site and have free 100% customization templates. And have amazing customer service.

So rather than just jumping in and going with the first new shiny thing I found (à la me two years ago) I asked questions I looked around and I realized, I want to have intention with my website.

I can’t control what new algorithms Instagram comes out with or why I’m not chosen to work with some brands, but I can control my site. And make it mine.  So buh bye unneeded monthly spending plans. I’m getting intentional about this website business deal.

Madewell Vintage Perfect Jeans

What’s new?

A lot, though I tried to keep it similar to my last blog design as I liked it for the most part… just not all of it.

I’m also showcasing some photography branding I’ve been doing very casually on the side.  As a blogger I get a bit nervous by also putting “photographer” up there in  my list of credentials, but to be honest this is the part of blogging I’ve become a bit obsessive about.  And after my last successful branding for a client (I still giggle anytime I say the word “client” for myself) I kind of knew I wanted to take a leap, and at the very least let companies know I offer such a service.

I’m so sorry for such a long silence from me went by – I truly missed chatting with you and blogging last week, but I knew it would be for a good reason + it also allowed me to create some awesome new content I’ll slowly be releasing.

And as I finish typing this post, tucked in bed with Zeus right below me,  I think it only makes sense if I share how a review of a Showit + how to start a site with them.  So watch out for that post if you are in case curious about this somewhat unheard of company for bloggers.

There are a few kinks I still need to iron out, but I truly can’t stop smiling at my blog and hope you have the same reaction, as well. Thanks for being so patient.


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