Possibly the best advice I’ve been given during our home building process is plan your lighting early. Which feels odd I have to admit. We don’t have floors and I can see through our backdoor through our living room, but I know our lighting plan! Weird, right? Since we are leaning pretty heavily into the […]

Old World Style Lighting Inspiration


One of my favorite ways to add character to different corners of our small apartment is by simply adding a few high quality art prints here and there. For so long I always felt as though art for our home would be something I wouldn’t be able to attain (or at least not attain it […]

High Quality Art Prints


One of the biggest debates in our home is: function or form? While I’ve always believed in form above function (or even practicality at one point), our small apartment has made me realize the beauty of both. Because honestly it’s form and function that have proven to offer the most creative storage solutions for small […]

Creative Solutions for Small Spaces


I don’t think it needs to be said, but it’s been a weird month. Scratch that – a weird year. Our new reality has left me feeling like I’m constantly on my back foot. Though I have to say our household lucked out fairly well with both of our jobs still in place, meaning our […]

A Guide To a DIY Hydroponic System


Maybe it’s the 8 month long Bozeman winters? Or maybe it’s the fact that I love a weekend at home more than anything else? Either way, over the years I’ve definitely learned that cozy home decor is my favorite. And with the way the world seems to be right now I think we could all […]

Cozy Home Decor Tips


I’ve always loved home decor and dreamed of blogging about it more consistently, but always felt limited with our small apartment. I mean how many times can could I showcase the same corners before readers got bored? That being said I think living in a much smaller space has forced me to get more creative […]

Versatile Home Decor


Plot twist…. it ended! Yes the roughly 100 square foot bathroom remodel that took almost 8 months to complete has finally made it to the finish line. I would love to say that we had to overcome some large unforeseen remodeling issues, but truthfully it came down to me be drastically pickier than my budget. […]

Bathroom Remodel


If you have been around here for a bit this probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard me mention a tech free corner. I actually created one in my old house and have been itching to get a space created in my new home in Montana. The space takes a little bit to get used […]

Tech Free Corner Home Decor


When we moved into our apartment last Summer I had dreams of finally creating a home section for my blog with all of our most recent upgrades. Flash forward to a year and a half later and the real world his hit.  Upgrades take time or money.  And unfortunately for us we are shorter on […]

Etsy stores for Home Decor

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