The Drugstore Beauty Products That Have Surprised Me

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a drugstore snob when it comes to beauty products.  While there have certainly been the one off product that always surprised me, I’ve generally stayed away as the drugstore beauty products have typically wreaked havoc on my sensitive skin.  Making the savings hardly worth it in my opinion.

And yet… I’m finding more and more cheap end beauty that feels anything but cheap!

I’ve been pointed to some really great products through friends and even discovered some of my most treasured beauty products through the hard to avoid Target browsing.  So drugstore snobs or dollar aisle fanatics – here are some products for us all.

Drugstore Beauty Product Favorites

If you have been around the abp world for some time (thank you thank you!) this is not the first time you have witnessed me referencing L’Oreal’s Infallible $9 eye shadow.  And nor will it be the last! Aside from it’s creamy application and amazing color payoff, it creates an all too pretty ‘glow’ to my lids.  Often prompting people to ask me what eye makeup I use.  When I tell them it’s all thanks to one cheap drugstore purchase they hardly can believe it. (Amber Rush seems to be the most universally flattering shade – FYI!)

I think my powder foundation preferences will always go to Jane Iredale pure pressed powders, but the drugstore version from Physicians Formula has left me rather impressed.  For a cheaper product it really does apply smoothly and helps keep my fussy skin happy.  Unfortunately, it’s lack of color options and poor layering make it not a great dupe.  Still there it’s nice to find an almost as good $12 substitute.

Much like the Milani blush!

Their Rose Blush Powder completely caught me off guard as it seemed all too good looking for a drugstore aisle.  I have to say compared to the Clinique pretty floral blush – I have to give Milani the edge.  The $8 price helps quite a lot, but it’s really their almost equal color pay off + longevity that has me cheering for the drugstore find.

It’s not a game changer by any means, but it never has once irritated my skin nor look cheap when applied.  A win-win for a dupe.

Speaking of a win-win if you have ever struggled with makeup melt (especially eye shadow melt) you have to try the Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow primer.  The Urban Decay eyeshadow primer was a product I had previously sworn by until my cousin suggested this drugstore beauty product.

Five dollars later I was hooked.

This seemingly unimpressive product keeps my eyeshadow and liner in place as long as, if not as long as, other $20 products.  Save your self the cash and grab this guy next time you are in Target!


Drugstore Beauty Product Favorites

Drugstore Beauty Product Favorites

Anytime someone texts me for a good makeup brush or everyday lippy these are my top two suggestions.

Ecotools is possibly the best bang for your buck you can find in the drugstore aisle.  In fact when I wanted a foundation brush that was a bit different than the typical liquid foundation brush, I found this gem and have happily never looked back.  It certainly applies foundation a bit heavier, so I like to apply my liquid foundations with slightly damp bristles.  But as with every bristle brush make sure to clean at least once as a week, all the while keeping water away from the handle.

Covergirl’s Oh Sugar! lippies were a random buy from me last year and quite frankly I haven’t gone a day without their Candy shade every since.  This is my second tube and it’s silky formula + neutral color makes it a lazy day perfection. It’s just enough color make it look like I have it all together… but really took less than 5 seconds to apply.


For not loving drugstore beauty products I certainly can drone on and on about them! These products are the ones I always have on hand or take on a trip.  Making them far out weight their price tag.

What’s a product that has made your wallet + skin happy lately?


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