Effortless Summer Style

All my summer posts are quite late to game.  Though I would like to blame the move to Montana, career switch, and multiple vacations for the lack of proper timing over here.  Truth be told I would write about summer style and to-do’s all year long if I could manage it.  Including of course, summer style.

I had heard about all the comfort jumpsuits offered, but assumed my petite non-long legged figure would look dwarfed in one.  And make me look like a small child who raided her mom’s closet.  (Not a style I aim towards.) Turns out these bad boys can fit any way you like and designed for all different body styles.

I went with an ultra loose Loft jumpsuit (similar) this summer that turned into one of my most reached for outfits.  It’s the effortless style that has kept my well worn wardrobe happy.  Though I have to say I was quite torn between Asos minimal jumpsuits and had they been in stock at the time I may have gone with them.

The one thing I would advise if this effortless summer style is new to you, is to invest win one that has a defined waist.  The complete onesies have a tendency to sway into that small child category.

Either way, I’m pretty convinced every girl needs a jumpsuit as her own wardrobe staple.


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