Eyelash Extensions – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

First off, I have to completely dedicate this post to my sweet friend, Sydney. Because without her gorgeous lashes and encouragement, I would have never been brave enough to try this new beauty regimine out!

And really the types of posts I’ve had the most requests for lately are photography and eyelash extension reviews!  I mean I totally get it 😉 Both were investments for me and not things I just hopped right into.  So while I have some photography 101 posts coming your way let’s start with the much more important topic – eyelash extensions.

The Good

Let’s be honest these bad boys look amazing whether I’m rolling right out of bed, all dolled up, or in all my Sunday laziness glory. They never not look amazing.

My morning routine is drastically downsized.  I never realized how much time I dedicate to putting on mascara + curling my lashes, until this past month where I no longer do either.

I’ve heard a few people complain about them being high maintenance… but a spoolie brush right out of the shower is really all these guys need on a day to day basis.

The Bad

The price.  Hands down the cost is just exorbitant.  And my town is half of what others are and it’s still  s o  p r i c e y.

You can absolutely be allergic to the adhesive glue used! This is pretty rare (or so I’ve heard) but I would definitely not try this right before a big event.  Play it safe and try this new beauty trend easily a couple weeks before hand so you are used to wearing and living with them.

Plus, that glue can stiiiiiing when you are getting the lashes applied!

Eyelash Extension Review Laramie Wyoming

What you need to know…

Eyelash extensions are going to be an investment and you are going to have an adjustment period of couple weeks to get used to them.   My first set of lashes seemed to fall out twice as fast as the ones I’m currently wearing. And really that’s because I had to break bad habits of rubbing my eyes or touching my lashes unnecessarily throughout the day.  Plus, I think it wasn’t until day two I realized my waterproof makeup wipes were in fact designed for waterproof makeup.


That was a hard lesson to learn.  Waterproof makeup wipes breaks down the glue used on the lashes, so make sure to triple check your makeup remover wipes aren’t designed for waterproof makeup.

A few of you on Instagram asked if they pulled out your natural lashes and they definitely don’t! As long as you don’t rub your lashes harshly or pull on them constantly, they should naturally fall out over time as the adhesive glue weakens.

Plus, eyelash extensions really aren’t for everyone.

I first heard that phrase from my friend Chelsie at Hey There Chelsie and I thought she was crazy! Who didn’t want gorgeous lashes 24/7??

And honestly… me.  I think it’s just too expensive of a beauty habit to maintain.  Or maybe it’s a beauty habit I’m unwilling to make room for in my already shmedium high maintenance routine.  And while I may keep it up for a bit since my small Wyoming town charges literally half of what other towns do, it is also the first thing on the chopping block when I need to save a little more cash.  (For reference my first set cost $110 and fills are roughly $35 for me after two and  a half weeks.  Most places charge between $160-200 and then $65+ for refills every 2-3 weeks.)

So, who are eyelash extensions for?

I would say eyelash extensions are for anyone who’s beauty routine puts lashes as a top priority.  Whether that means you have next to no beauty routine and also want to not worry about your lashes or you have little to no lashes naturally.  For me lashes just are not a top priority.  I would say my skin, brows and hair are my top priorities and lush long eyelashes are just a bonus I’m happy to accept!

Also, I do think these are perfect for anyone with a big event coming up! Wedding, vacation, etc. all sound like perfect times to really to not worry one bit about which mascara will make it through your big day.

Long story short, unless you battle with your lashes daily, have a big event coming up or this is one of the only beauty commitments you have… save your money.  It’s a super gorgeous beauty trend and one I particularly love being in, but it really doesn’t help me live more out of my life.

Have you ever tried eyelash extensions? What do you think?? Yay? Nay?

xo Kelsey

PS Microblading for my eyebrows is what I  r e a l l y  want to try … anyone with any luck?


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  • I hate touching my eyes. That is why I never use contact lenses. I just get super paranoid. So defo not for me 🙂 But you look amazing!

    • haha I’m cracking up Aleksandra because I’m the exact same way and when I went in the first time it took us f o r e v e r to get my bottom lashes taped down as I kept blink/closing my eyes every time she got my eyes! Luckily I get to keep my eyes closed when they put the lashes on 🙂

  • Really like your thoughts on this Kelsey, I agree with focusing on skin and brows too! I got extensions for my wedding because I have next to no lashes and I didn’t want to wear falsies. They look stunning and I’m so pleased I got them done. The up keep afterwards was a little annoying though, I didn’t like not being able to wash my face and eyes properly! When the extensions feel out eventually they left my naturally lashes super sparse, so it took ages for them to grow back! I probably would invest in a lash thickening serum for now 🙂

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • I think getting them done for your wedding is the absolute best time to get them! And yeah I think I’m getting to the annoying upkeep part as I’m wanting to either try microblading or get my hair rehighlighted LOL basically I’m just wanting other things besides pretty eyelashes!

      Do you have a serum that you love?? I was looking at getting one once I’m done!

      • I’ve used the Talika Lipocils Eyelash Growth Gel before and its worked well!

  • I’m very curious to try lash extensions but I’m always rubbing my eyes and doing all the things that you’re not supposed to do haha. Although, the thing that I definitely need to give a go is getting them curled “permanently”. x

    | |

    • I won’t lie they were super hard habits to break! haha But I feel like I wouldn’t need these at all if you were around to do my makeup 😉 I always love seeing your makeup looks and trying my own very measly attempts! xo

  • I will take any and all eyelash dedication I can get! So glad I could pressure you into yet another thing we really, really (don’t) need to spend our money on 🙂 I loved your pros and cons and definitely agree. I think it’s got to be your top priority or the time and money just catches up with you…. that being said I get mine filled on Wednesday and cannot wait!


    • BUT you look soooooo amazing with them! I just think you need to give me a touch of your gorgeous brows and then I would be team eyelash extensions all the way 😉

  • I’ve thought about lash extensions before, but I just can’t do the price. I think I’d splurge before a big event though! They look amazing!

    Jenn |

    • I hear that Jenn! It’s really the price that has me saying “nope.” It’s just too much with everything else I like to do! xo

  • I love your honest review on this particular popular trend – everyone always raves about them, but you never hear the complete honest truth (I feel). I would love to get eyelash extensions, but, as you say, they are quite expensive. I also feel like they would make me more self conscious – I would feel like I need them to feel pretty with no makeup on, if that makes sense! Definitely a great idea for getting married or going on holiday/travelling though 🙂 xo
    P.S. They also look great on you!

    Char |

  • I absolutely love the way eyelash extensions look! However, I use a lot of oil based products, which would ruin the glue 🙁 It’s definitely something I would love to try out at least once! Maybe I’ll wait for a special occasion 🙂

  • I’ve only ever done non-permeant eye lash extensions (the ones you apply yourself). I actually just started using Lash Boost instead of Lash Extensions. It is a serum you apply to eye lashes each evening and it conditions your eyelashes resulting in longer fuller lashes. I’ve got a review with before and after’s planned for my blog shortly!

    Brittany |

  • Diana Maria

    These look amazing, your eyelashes look so full! I’ve always wanted to try lash extensions, I’ve just been worried about the maintenance since it does take time to adjust. Glad to hear you love them, they really compliment you!

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days

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