Freshly Picked

If there is anything that screams summer it’s fresh fruit.  And with a move to Montana I was super excited as our home/loft apartment was surrounded by fresh fruit trees. We may have missed the blooms this spring, but we have  s o  m u c h  fruit this summer. Apricots, apples, choke cherries and plums! It’s something I’ve never really had in any house I lived in.  Wyoming basically only grew dandelions and on my parents farm the horses nabbed any apples before we could get to them.

So, while L grew up in the house and sees the fruit trees as the source for chores I was enthralled with all of them.  Fresh fruit in our backyard? Right in downtown Bozeman?  Crazy.

I was so mad that I didn’t get myself out earlier to pick the fruit as all the apricots were gone and most of the apples had fallen. But I did get out in time to pick the plums!  With a rare weekend at home, L and I spent a couple hours picking fruit and munching on it. I tried a crab apple and realized the only thing worse than them is a choke cherry.

But I’ll be sticking to the plum tree or covering the fruits in sugar from now on.

Fresh Fruit

Freshly Picked

Choke cherry

Freshly Picked

^^ Zeusie soon figured out that I had all the really good fruit

Francesca's Off the Shoulder Top

Fresh Fruit

With all the heat we have had in Montana I’ve been essentially living in skirts and dresses. We only have two of our rooms air conditioned so anything above 90 and we are eating dinner on our bed. Quite literally.  With that being said slipping into jeans when it’s 90 out and in our home is just not going to happen.

Francesca’s was kind enough to send me some summer items and while I didn’t get them in time for Mexico this summer, all the heat at home makes them just as wearable.  Their off the shoulder tops were my absolute favorite this year and this little black one is going to serve me well past the hot summer months.

Francescas Off the Shoulder

Francesca's Off the Shoulder Top

Fresh Fruit

Tire swing

Even though I slacked big time on making time for fruit picking, I’m excited to have a new tradition to look forward to next year.  L is a bit skeptical since I’m known to water plants once a year and then complain about they always die.  But we already have plans on using lady bugs to help keep the bugs away and water the apricot tree more so the fruit doesn’t become so grainy.


How has your summer shaped up? I know so many of sweet blogger friends have been moving or are about to move so I’m hoping everyone at least is able to enjoy the weather before it turns chilly.


Other skirts and tops I’ve been eyeing this season:


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