How I Got My Dream Job With Very Few Credentials

Over a month ago I quit my engineering job.

My good benefits, college degree aligned job. It was terrifying. And exhilarating. An all of the above kind of situation if you will.

And rather than doing what was expected – brush up my resume and search for more degree specific jobs, I took a leap of faith.  With a big move out of state it felt like the right time. I turned my resume into my passionate, albeit short listed, skills for photography. I had one absolutely horrible interview (Note to self: interviewing is not my strong point) and one voicemail left to a company I called my “long shot.”  Turns out my long shot was the right one.  And within two weeks of living in Montana I found myself no longer 27 and unemployed.

Recognized my strengths.

I tend to love the creative process of photography + imagination, rather than the grind of growing my numbers.  So applying to jobs centered around marketing growth or even a self owned business of helping others grow their online business isn’t where I would truly shine.

But a job of creating is right up my alley.  I love figuring out how to connect with people through a photo and you could probably describe my determination to do so, obsessive.

Basically I asked myself what I love to do.
And then applied to jobs that would let me to do that.

And effective.

Addressed my weaknesses.

“Successful people do the things they don’t like doing first.”

L told me that quote and it’s been forever stuck in my head.  I think I always knew I wasn’t really destined to become a full time blogger. Many people were shocked I wasn’t going to chase that path once in Bozeman.  Blogging, while something I truly enjoy, is just not really my greatest strength.  I’m not a girl boss, hustler. Or rather I’m not one yet.  And that’s ok! I’m all about learning and growing here, but learning and growing and paying the bills can get quite stressful.

So for now I’m learning and growing in the right direction along with a consistent paycheck.

I knew though this leap of faith would force me to look hard in the mirror.

We are always going to have to learn and grow, just make sure you are honest with yourself.  Are you trying at something simply because everyone else is doing it? Is it a true strength of yours?

Understood my value.

This is quite a hot topic in the business world! Everyone is constantly underlining their value and I think it’s great.

However, I think this is a delicate balance we all tend to fail at.  Whether on one side or the other.

Passion and drive are great things to have, but businesses cannot thrive on that alone.  If you do start a new career (Oh hey! Look at us go) you essentially start over, bottom of the food chain.  And that doesn’t mean we don’t have value.  It just means we are going to have to prove what that value is exactly.

Know that value is a great thing to have, but understanding what your value is truly worth is the most important thing.

Realistic about ‘dream job.’

I almost didn’t title this with ‘dream.’


Because dream almost implies perfection and no sacrifices given.

If we were to look on paper of my current job vs my previous one, my previous college degree job would win by a landslide.  Bigger pay and far better benefits.  Money is not something I want to guide my career path, however, to completely ignore it’s benefits would be a lie as well.  Dream jobs, while dreamy, come with their own sacrifices as well.  Just make you sure you are ready to sacrifice.  No matter which side of the sacrifice you fall on.


I didn’t wake up excited to go to my old job.  In fact in some cases I woke up dreading it. And wishing I could be sick so I would have an excuse not to go.  It’s not easy taking that leap of faith, but if you are smart and honest with yourself… maybe it’s worth it.  Maybe it’s even the best decision you ever made.


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