A Guide to Facial Oils for the Skeptical

It always takes me a bit to get on board with the newest trend. And I’m not quite sure why. I’m sure some of it is being skeptical of the new “it thing.” I’ve never been one to immediately run out to Sephora for the latest limited edition release and I think it took a solid two years for me to finally hopBu to be quite honest the one trend that just didn’t even make any sense to me – facial oils. I have combo skin… why on earth would I put  m o r e  oil on it?

But after my first successful beauty oil, Caudalíe’s Detox oil is a dreamy mix of exfoliator and oil, I found myself hooked.  A complete bandwagoner. Who was unwilling to pay the steep price of serums, I found facial oils helped boost my skincare in ways most moisturizers couldn’t.

Define Your Skin Type.

It’s true you really should know this no matter what you are adding to your skincare, but I find it especially so with facial oils.  While facial oils can drastically improve evenness and clarity, it can also exasperate conditions as well.  You don’t want to invest in an oil that ultimately makes you regret trying out the latest and greatest area of skincare.

If you are struggling to figure out your skin type I would suggest starting with this guide to at the very least get you noticing what’s best.

Guide to Facial Oils

Study Your Ingredients.

I say this for two reasons. One – for your own health! I have some odd allergies to certain products (lavender oil always seems to make my skin more fussy) and that can be extremely frustrating even though it’s ‘organic.’  And two, for the wealth of your bank account! I’ve started to notice lots of companies offering up fluff products with unrealistic promises disguised as ‘high quality game changers.’

Not everything is created equal.

Tea tree oils will be perfect for skin types needing help with clarity and tone, whereas Rose Hip oil can aid more mature, drier skin with clarity and more moisture.   And while squalene can intrigue you – it certainly isn’t worth the $50 price tag that’s often associated with it.

Know Your End Goal.

To start out you need to define what you want –

more moisture?
less oil?
even skin tone?

All of these are valid concerns (and some of my own) that can actually be addressed with different beauty oils.

For those looking for more moisture and a bit more skin loving I would say my all time favorite – Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil is a great answer. It’s been featured more times than I can count on abp, as it’s an amazing serum like oil that helps your skin reap the benefits that often pricier products can’t deliver. (A big selling point for me is it also really helps out even out skin tone!) And while it may seem contradictory to rely on an oil to resolve oil build up I’ve found Herbivore’s Lapis oil to be such a lovely answer for my often oily skin.  Their balancing oil has surprised me at it’s ability to to keep me moisturized without an oily slick is most likely due to

Beauty oils aren’t near as intimidating as peels and exfoliators, but they can super confusing and a bit odd to wrap your head around.  Though I’ve found doing your research and being patient are the keys to finding one that works for you.

Do you have a beauty oil you are dedicate to? Or one you can’t stop dreaming about?


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