An Intentional Beauty Routine to Stick With

7 November, 2017



  • I just cannot believe there are people who sleep in make up. I mean, I can technically believe it, but it is so mind blowing I just cannot.

    • SAME. haha my skin would look beyond horrendous if I did that!

  • These are definitely my favourites in my beauty routine! I absolutely love exfoliating, although don’t do it quite often enough. I haven’t tried sleeping on silk pillowcases, though mostly because I wouldn’t know how to clean them. Silk isn’t usually washable in the machine. How do you clean them?


  • Good tips – I need that silk pillowcase. #client

  • Rebecca Jenkins

    I definitely want to invest in silk pillowcases one day, although they are currently out of my price range. They are definitely something that has intrigued me & I really want to see if my hair can be shiny and not frizzy (curly hair problems). I’ve only slept with makeup on a few times (while very drunk) but I have immediately regretted it when I woke up the next morning. I don’t know how people could do it all the time as my skin felt so disgusting.

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    My favorite part is the moisturizer <3! I love to apply it to my thirsty face.
    Where is your mirror from? Super pretty!

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  • Ooh I love that they’re in a gummy form! They sound tasty! I 100% believe that removing your makeup every time you wear it is soo important and to definitely not use facial wipes, as they’re rubbish. I love micellar water and I swear by using it xo

    Char |

  • Cory Hitt

    I completely agree about physical v chemical exfoliants–my skin much prefers chemical!

    love your content by the way!

    x Cory