My Go-To Chemical Exfoliants



  • Ela

    I use Pixi’s Glow Peel Pads with glycolic acid, and CosRX’s Skin-Returning A-Sol with BHA. I honestly don’t think my regimen is enough, as I still have tiny bumps on my skin. Or maybe I haven’t been using them long enough yet.
    Ela |

    • Pixi’s Glow Peel Pads are doing wonders for me, I seriously don’t know why I haven’t picked them up earlier 🙂

  • I LOVE the Paula’s Choice products, but I’ve never tried this one! I’ll have to check it out.

  • This is such a fantastic round up of products. The Caudalie Overnight Oil sounds like a dream, I love waking up to baby soft skin.

    Keisha xo
    Chrysalis Gal

  • I ended up trying and buying the Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil after reading all your rave reviews, and it does not disappoint! I see a huge difference on the nights I don’t use it. I’m so happy to have found a blogger with a similar skin type to mine!

    I’m curious about the Kiehl’s Micro Peel – I actually haven’t tried any Kiehl’s products, but I hear such good things!

    Sarah //