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We are down to only a couple more days of 2017 and while I am looking forward to 2018 with as much as excitement as I’m sure you are, I wanted to give 2017 one more nod.  Plus, it’s sort of fun to see how much has changed in a few simple months!

I think that everyone can agree that 2017 was a turbulent year for our world, it also happened to be one that brought me my favorite change – my new home.  I left my hometown of 7 years, left my ‘career’ job, didn’t work for a month, traveled, avoided using my credit cards, started a my dream career, fell in love with a new town, opened my own print shop, chased dreams, failed, chased again, pushed my comfort zone and found myself excitedly holding on to the possibilities of an even better year.

I started out the year thinking my days were going to be filled with goals verbalized and intention flowing, but really it was a year of being uncomfortable.  From stepping in front of the camera more to joining a creative retreat all by myself, making myself uncomfortable was one of the best things I’ve done.

All that being said I couldn’t have done much of it without any of you.  Whether you comment, click, like or gently stalk I’m beyond grateful! I created this little space in a moment of desperation with basically my momma (hi mom!) being my one and only reader.  So to have more than just my mother reading my blog, seems almost unreal.  Creating for my space and for my readers (aka you) has turned into such a passion I’m happy I get to keep doing!

Whether you are celebrating this New Year’s in style – or on the couch like I will be – I hope it brings all your best and most challenging dreams to life! Cheers!



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