The Organic Skin Care Companies That Actually Work

Just last month I was chatting a bit about why an organic skin care company doesn’t necessarily guarantee you anything.  In that a simple label doesn’t mean effective nor good for you.  But the other day when I was looking through my vanity I noticed  a  l o t  of my must haves are actually from organic skincare lines. Go figure. And even some of my most lusted after skincare wants are – yep- organic! So I figured after warning you about the overly used “organic” label, I should maybe send those earth lovin’ skincare bits some love as well.  (Especially if I’m reaching for them more often than not.)


This is one brand that has slowly but surely started to overtake my vanity.  They’ve dedicated their company to exclude many well known and cheaper preservatives other companies still use. Plus they try to harvest their ingredients in a way that protects the environment.  If you are looking for a strict organic line you may have more luck with the other companies I’ve listed out, but I love being able to hop on their website and read about   a l l  the ingredients they use.

I fell for their mask pods, upgraded to their full sized masks and now am currently waiting to get my grubby little hands on their High Potency Night A mins cream.  It’s a beautiful night cream that helps turn over cells with it’s formulation of Vitamin C + E.  It goes on a bit oily, so I always make sure to put mine on well before I crawl into bed, but come morning my skin feels baby soft.

If you are looking for a place to start with this organic company I would suggest their Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask, a great sulphur based mask for fussy skin,  or their ultra hydrating Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask depending on what your skin needs most.


This is an organic skin care company I was lucky enough to work with a bit last year and I can’t get over their serum-like BioRegenerate oil. It sinks into my skin quickly as just four drops of the heavy oil covers more than enough of my skin.  It’s formulated specifically for sensitive skin and is packed with Omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9 to help repair and protect our skin.

I tried out a calming day cream from them as well and while I found it entirely too oily for my combination skin, I have to say I love that they specifically formulate their products for so many skin issues other companies fail to address, like rosacea.  If you struggle with hypersenstivity I would say this is the company for you.

Organic Skin Care Company

Organic Skin care Company


Hurray!! I finally gave this long lusted organic skin care company products a go and I have to say… the hype is real.

With my addition of retinol in my skincare I’ve been keen to add gentler skincare products to my routine and I figured this was a perfect time to introduce Herbivore’s oils.  Facial oils have been something that can most accurately called “my jam” lately and their blue Lapis balancing oil has quickly become a favorite.  It’s packed with ingredients to help with inflammation making it perfect for combo skins.  And has added ingredients like squalene beneficial for adding moisture.   It’s an all in one I’m currently loving.

I tossed out all my harsh abrasive scrubs after implementing some habits that truly transformed my skin, so a basic clay soap bar had me intrigued!  It does an amazing job of making my skin feel  c l e a n.  (Though I would say make sure to moisturize properly as like most clay products it can be a touch drying.) A few reviewers have complained about the price for size of the bar, but I use it infrequently enough I think the bar cleanser will be easily worth it’s cost.

French Girl Organics

I first discovered this dreamy and slightly lesser known organic line from my sweet friend Jenni!  And while I was ready to toss their entire organic skin care line into my shopping cart I actually came away with a very reasonable purchase of something I needed – a rose lip polish.  Winters and really just the everyday weather in Wyoming can take quite a toll on not just my skin, but my lips as well.  It’s more often than not I’m reaching for something to help moisturize my cracked lips.  This polish won’t moisturize my lips, but it does a beautiful job of discarding any dry flakey skin in a fun pink sugar coating.  The smell and even taste is delicious – bonus of an organic skin care company I guess!  If you are a heavy lipstick wearer, you are most likely in need of a good lip exfoliator like this one.

I’ve been trying to be extra mindful of my budget lately, so I unfortunately haven’t looked into the rest of their line lately, but the cleansing wash and sea polish are items I definitely wouldn’t mind trying in the future.

So there ya go.  There are  s o  m a n y  good things about organic skin care companies, as long as you can find the ones that work for your skin!  And don’t just assume the label “organic” guarantees you good skin care.

What is an organic skin care company that you swear by?


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