How to Pick A Dress Just Right For Your Closet

If there is one underlying theme to my well loved wardrobe it’s – dresses. It is the one piece of clothing that I carry from season to season or place to place.  When Piper and Scoot offered to send me one of their exclusive dresses, I really struggled picking one out.  But only because all of their dresses are beautiful everyday pieces, that my well loved wardrobe would be lucky to have.

Eventually I figured out their modern grid dress was one I knew I would end up using no matter the season.

Still, I know for many ladies out there dresses can just seem to over the top for everyday wear. So I wanted to share some ways you can add the super versatile piece, without it ever feeling like wasted money .

Piper and Scoot Exclusive Dress

Layers well

The best dress, in my humble opinion, is one that goes from season to season without much fuss. Meaning that it needs to have a cut  a n d  a fabric that will breathe through the summer, but not bunch up under two layers of sweaters.

Look for lighter fabric like, linen, cotton or rayon. My Piper and Scoot dress is 100% rayon so it feels as cooling as it is comfortable.

Dresses drown

Rather than only reaching for dresses for special occasions, try finding one you feel comfortable lounging around in.

This Piper and Scoot dress is fitted to be a bit looser, meaning I feel completely comfortable laying down in it and curling up with a book.  Plus, the midi length gives me a bit extra coverage so I never have to worry about covering up.

Piper and Scoot Exclusive Dress

Piper and Scoot Dress

Piper and Scoot Exclusive Dress

An everyday pattern

Truthfully, I’m a bit of a plain Jane with my patterns.  I’ve always shied away from bold all over print, except for maybe one or two pieces.

Simple all over prints like this dress gives me more options and a bit more confidence when packing light for a trip.  It pairs well with bold patterns for the brave or mixes with pretty much every solid sweater out there.  Just like their newest exclusive dress!

Piper and Scoot Exclusive Dress

Piper and Scoot Exclusive Dress

If dresses have never been your thing or your nervous about investing in them for your closet – start simple.  Choose something that easily lets you roam a new city, lounge around in your house, and will dress up easily with a pair of suede boots.  Don’t make it a one time statement piece you will hardly ever reach for.

Dresses are best well loved.


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