My Favorite Post Acne Mark Erasers

Lately, my Google searches have been for “post acne mark erasers” more than ever.  After working with PMD last year and sharing the progress from Day 0 to Day 30, my breakout worries have become less and less. And I’m more concerned about those super infamous dark spots left behind.

But the majority of us know that those marks are almost as stubborn as the spots that created them!

With a few key combinations and products, I’ve slowly watched my skin tone even out and my breakouts diminish even more.

Granted that I have been loving the PMD Microderm tool for all of my sensitive, acne prone skin problems, but it’s ability to give me smooth skin is a complete game changer.

The PMD tool uses a unique combo of suction and physical exfoliation with the aluminum oxide crystals on the spinning discs to remove dead skin cells and a healthier complexion.  By doing this skin tone is evened out, blemishes disappear and pores are unclogged.  It’s the absolute holy grail to my clear skin and a tool I can’t see myself without.

The number of Sunday Riley products that are on my wish list would probably shock you. Yet, what really shocked me is that their CEO Rapid Flash Vitamin C serum is the first product I invested in.

Post Acne Mark Erasers

After trying out a sample of the product in my Birchbox, I found myself impressed with the almost instant skin beautifying serum.  The aptly named CEO product ‘works like a boss’ to deliver 15% of THD ascorbate (Vitamin C) to the skin and fight any discolorations. Personally, I would sample this product before investing in the entire product.  It’s not cheap (a curse all Sunday Riley fan’s understand) and I have to be careful with how often I use it.

I typically end up using my PMD tool once a week and then this milky serum two nights after.  Anything more and my skin will break out.  I’ll have to check back in with you to see if it will be a repeat purchase.  The price is no joke and if there is a product that can do the same, with a less flashy name I could see myself easily switching away.

Ok so my favorite Pai Rosehip oil won’t erase post acne marks, but it is an absolutely beautiful multi-tasker that I had to return to. I’ve been using the lately Herbivore’s Lapis Oil (another great product for fussy skin), though I found myself having lines and lines of oils to target my skin issues.  And I felt myself straying from ‘less’ in my life.  So I’m happy to be back using a multi-takser that does the job of three oils.

The orange colored oil is packed with antioxidant cartenoids perfect for repairing and protecting skin from environmental damage. And helping out post acne marks disappear a bit more gradually.


With a few power hitters and a couple calming products, I’ve been watching my post acne marks disappear right before my eyes.

Unfortunately, some of these products are a bit of budget breakers. So if you have to choose – PMD.  It’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin, though please make sure to have a reparative cream, lotion, or oil for afterwards.


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