The Power of PMD Beauty

Having ultra sensitive, fussy acne prone skin is hardly anything to brag about.  And it makes going bare skinned at times… daunting.

So after a month of using PMD I’m excited (nervously so) debuting makeup free skin.  Their personal microderm tool seemed to give my skin a complete 180.  My uneven skin tone, breakouts and black heads have started to disappear right in front of me .  The crazy thing? It’s week four and supposedly it gets even better from here.

If you are new to microderms they are simply ‘a non-invasive procedure that uses tiny crystals to exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells.’  I’ve only ever had them as in office treatments, until now, so getting to do this at my own home felt so new to me!

Aside from being able to do this all at home in my own pjs, it’s insane how much money I saved. In office treatments are essentially budget killers. From $80 – $100 for one treatment, the PMD lines up to save you essentially hundreds if you have ever been interested in microderms.

PMD Personal Microderm Tool Review

And it’s ease of use – simply plug in and turn on, sometimes makes me double take.  Because how could something so simple make such an impact on my skin??  Still here are some things I learned with such a comprehensive tool:

P a t i e n c e .

If you are like me you probably wanted perfect skin yesterday. Or all your life really. But this tool is no joke.  And while using it you may be thinking umm I don’t see anything happening…  b e  p a t i e n t.

Even days later –  b e  p a t i e nt.

The power of this tool is that only slight redness shows up and over the days your oldest layer of skin will slowly  flake off to reveal clearer, smoother and brighter skin underneath.  Also, you only need to use this bad boy once a week.

It’s not chemical based so that idea that if it’s stinging it’s working isn’t going to fly with it.  Take your time only going over your skin once and step back when finished.


The first time I reached for the PMD tool I immediately switched it off.  Putting something on or even near my face that hums, rotates and vibrates is a bit unnerving. (Hey it’s the moneymaker right 😉 ) So rather than test my luck I took a deep breath and practiced on my hand.  PMD actually encourages this because you need to get the right movement down and not let the tool sit on your skin for too long in one spot.

It is a tool. Respect it and don’t be afraid to take it slow.  Start with the gentlest disk and gradually increase to the next one.


The power of the PMD tool is it’s ability to exfoliate.  This means, however, that products you use right after treatment will be soaking in much deeper.  That’s why you need to invest in higher end, skin loving products to use directly after.  PMD’s own facial recovery sheet masks work really well and they now include 5 free masks with the purchase of their personal microderm!



… time for my reveal of before  a n d  after!


PMD Personal Microderm Tool Review
PMD Personal Microderm Tool Review

These photos are of me completely without makeup.  Photos like this don’t exist since I was in high school!  Clearly this tool didn’t solve all of my acne, but the fact that those two photos are only a short 3 uses between them blows my mind.

My first photo is when I had a really really bad breakouts. My skin was riddled with texture and downright angry.

The second is a short four weeks later. My leftover marks are on the verge of disappearing.  The deep (and painful) hormonal bumps are on the round to recovery.  And texture is becoming less and less of an issue for me.  I know I have quite a ways to go til I’m totally clear… but I’m sorry I’m just obsessed with my after!

Obviously the power of PMD beauty is real.

If you give this tool a try I would suggest starting your own process with PMD personal microderm beauty a full month ahead.  I experienced a fair amount of purging when I first started and if I ever get off my weekly ritual, the purging varied between excessive and barely noticeable.  Play it safe and plan ahead.

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I know for those who have never had microdermabrasions the tool can seem so pricey. Yet holy cow, is it worth it.  Have you ever tried microdermabrasions? In office or at home??


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