The Sayings That Have Helped Me Be a Better Girl boss

Business is easily my weakness.  I could create all day long.  Whether that’s running around town taking photos all day or sitting down and writing, creating is where I feel the most confident.  Anything business related makes me immediately get nervous and has me checking my bank accounts. (Read: recovering borderline shopaholic over here.)

Slowly over the last few months I’ve been getting my un-business like mind in order.  And stepping into better girl boss shoes. While everyone has their own ways of growing I love keeping simple sayings like these to help move into becoming a better girl boss.

“Create connections not contacts” – Rebecca from From Roses

Ever since I’ve read that quote from Rebecca’s blog I’ve held on to it tightly. While it of course steers me to make genuine connections with others in blogging that turn into real life friends, it also has served me well in confidence of saying “No” to business opportunities. In fact I say “no” to a lot.


I have connections. And if a new company seems to be looking for another contact and not necessarily a connection I wish them well and happily part from them.

Building genuine connections is so important in the blogging community. But it seems just as helpful in the business world.

“Successful people do the things that they don’t like doing first” – EntreLeadership

If you have read my blog for awhile I’m sure you have heard me cling to this quote before.  I’m not sure if there was ever a quote that scared me more or was my complete antonym.  I am notorious for pushing off responsibilities and dedicating myself to my passions.  Great for my passions, horrible in every other front.

Keeping this in mind helps me make plenty of time for creating later in the day  a n d  helps me from feeling overwhelmed from all the tasks I never got around to.

“Your fans don’t follow you. You follow your fans” – Unknown

Ok granted, I think this is an over simplification of how to run a business.  But I also they are on to something.

You don’t get something for nothing. And that goes with Instagram followers, blog readers and customers. If you aren’t serving your followers or your fans or let’s just generalize it and say your tribe, you won’t be supported. Take the time to help those who have helped you.  It pays off ten fold.

“When your goal is to gain experience, perspective and knowledge, failure is no longer a possibility. Failure is your invention” –  Sophia Amoruso, #Girlboss

After messing up a shoot (only took portraits when landscapes were required… such a dumb mistake) I was panicking.  I was given an amazing opportunity and dropped the ball.  Upset and borderline in tears I called my momma, who reminded me professionals aren’t perfect.  Professionals simply take responsibility.

It reminded me being a ‘professional’ photographer isn’t about not making errors, it’s about taking responsibility and growing.  So rather than curling up and tossing my hat in, I called the business back.  Paid with my own money for the shoot again and did it right.

Always own your mistakes.  You’ll never be perfect, but you can learn from every situation and grow to better yourself.


I’m sure I’ll start adding more and more quotes along the way, but for now these are the ones I always remind myself of.  What are you favorite girl boss quotes?


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