Simple Luxuries to Help You Get Through the Rest of Winter

I saved this post for the post holiday season because let’s be honest… once the holidays are done I’m ready for summer.  Unfortunately, living so far North and in Montana means that I’m stuck in a winter wonderland for at least another 3 months.  Though if there is one thing that living in such cold places has given me it’s the ability to find the simple luxuries that keep me from the blistering cold negative degree days and piles of snow.

Spa Nights

Oh the number of posts I could write about my love for spa nights!  While you can of course tailor these to your needs, I say go for it and make it a luxurious night at home.  Grab some candles, glass of wine, favorite book, best of the best skincare and make a night of it.

I’m currently without a soaker tub, but one of my favorite things to do at my old home was to soak in piping hot bath water.  Bonus – if I used sparkle bath bomb.  As of now I’ve had to rely on a local hot springs to help me with my long withdrawals without baths.


It doesn’t seem to matter how many blankets I pile on, if my feet are cold I’m cold.  Mukluks have been my go to for a couple years now, though these cute vintage socks L’s momma gifted me this year are perfect, as well.

Luxe lotion

Granted I’ve worked with L’Occitane quite a bit in the past, I have been a happy customer for quite some time before I ventured into their hyped hand cream products.

And now their shea butter hand cream and  foot cream are two things I never let my nightstand go without anymore.  Both products make my skin feel buttery soft upon waking up in the morning and it’s the simple things like this that make the bitter cold weather a bit more bearable.

Heated Mattress Pad

This was a gift from L this year that has turned me into such a bed hog. I have always gone to bed in sweatpants and sweatshirts, along with at least three blankets.  Whether L bought the gift out of love or an unwillingness to be next to a mound of blankets, it doesn’t matter to me as I am now completely spoiled with warm sheets. (The one he got me has a pre-heat function that makes crawling into bed that much more satisfying.)

If you just absolutely can’t stand winter and a partner who hates anything flannel sheets, this dual sided pad is a purchase you would never regret.


Ok winter lovers… any simple luxuries for getting through the season? How about summer girls what are your favorite way to get forget just how frightful the weather can get this time of year??


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