Simple Luxuries to Help You Get Through the Rest of Winter

3 January, 2018



  • I just got myself some polar bear slippers, they are true life savers!

  • Seriously though, heated mattress pads are the best. When I use mine, I don’t have to have 10 lbs worth of blankets on me to keep me warm.

    I like to use them while I am sleeping, so around 7 hours.

  • Thanks for the tips, living in Canada has its perks but the weather isn’t one of them. You’ll definitely see me walking around the house in my fuzzy slipper boots!

  • A cup of hot tea and a warm shower always helps me feel more like myself when it’s freezing outside – although it hardly gets freezing where I live… It’s basically summer year round in Noosa.

    Sharni xo
    A Girl & Grey

  • Hannah Larson

    This is brilliant! Post-Christmas winter is always so depressing without its twinkling lights and holiday magic.

  • I so want to get some new slippers – best for feeling cozy right? Happy New Year lovely x

  • Oh how cute are those socks?! I loove this picture too! Having a piping hot bath during the colder months always feels like such a luxury and adding a bath melt or bath salts makes it even more luxurious. I absolutely adore being in bed and some days (like today!) it’s extremely hard to get me out of it xo

    Char |

  • I couldn’t live without my slippers, a heated mattress pad sounds pretty incredible as well! x