The Importance of a Staple

17 May, 2017



  • Rebecca Jenkins

    My wardrobe staples are fit & flare style dresses, they are just what make me feel good. It’s definitely a staple that is very particular to my style and preference. Another more lazy day staple is leggings.

    • I’m totally with you on fit and flares ūüôā They are just so classic and beautiful! I may or may not have like ten leggings in my dresser just for those lazy days. xo

  • I just got myself very high waist trousers and omg, they are A DREAM. I cannot believed I lived my whole life without some. So comfortable, yet sexy, and no need to freeze in a short dress for the same effect.

    • Haha I’ve been eyeing some as well!! Did you get jeans or more of like slacks? Either way they look so effortless and perfect for summer. xo

      • They are technically jeans, but I swear, with each year the material in what we call jeans is getting thinner and thinner, it resembles more jean-coloured cloth than anything else. I have been looking for some for a while now, but it seems like my lucky year, as they are EVERYWHERE ūüôā