The Top Shelf Makeup Bits

This is clearly a very tongue in cheek title as technically these products aren’t on a top shelf.. but they do hold a coveted spot on top of my vanity! (They also happen to be some of my pricier makeup investments, though I swear their quality is easily worth their price.)  With the big downsize I recently made, I talked about getting rid of the unwanted and unnecessary, but I didn’t specify what I did keep.  You know, the makeup bits I would never ever even consider parting with.  And quite frankly, the ones I reach for over and over.

Clinique Pop Lip Plum Pop – Over the years I’ve become quite the lipstick snob and I have really weeded through my collection.  There are a few that make every cut (Stila’s Liquid lippies and Too Faced melted lipsticks), but this Plum Pop lipstick is the only one that gets to sit out of the drawer as it’s all in one formulation makes it worthy of everyday use.  The primer + lipstick glides on beautifully without the need of a fussy lip liner, perfect for polished, albeit, rushed mornings.

Hourglass Veil Primer – this is the only product I spent money on at Sephora’s 20% holiday sale.  I have owned this before (pre blog life) and loved how it minimized my pores + kept oils at bay, but it’s price that kept me as a returning purchaser.  The sale helped with the price and I’ve been using it sparingly, under another top shelf product – Jane Iredale powder foundation.

The Hourglass primer seems to be the answer to all my mineral foundation woes as it helps the powder base stick to my skin and not produce makeup melt like I was with Jane Iredale’s own primer. Keep on reading for of my love of the Jane Iredale makeup.

Too Faced Hangover Primer –  this is more often than not the primer I find myself reaching for during the winter! It helps lock in the moisture my skin always needs and gives it a bit more of a glow, my winter skin always seems to lack. I’m noticing it’s lasting power isn’t quite as strong as the Hourglass one, but it’s much more beneficial for dry skin.  

The Top Shelf Makeup Bits

The Top Shelf Makeup Bits

The Top Shelf Makeup Bits

Urban Decay Concealer – Truth be told I only just started wearing concealer.  Whether it’s the late nights of blogging or stresses of adulting, my under eye circles seemed to become more and more exaggerated over the last year. Yay.

While I can tell why this concealer is so adored, it’s longevity and lack of creases to name a quick few, I am not quite ready to preach my dedication to it.  I would love to try out Tarte’s newest concealer and compare it’s wearability, as sometimes the UD concealer can feel a bit heavy.  Still, it’s a product I reach for day to day and one I’ve never regretted.

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow Amber Rush – This product has graced abp so much in the past I’m sure you are getting tired of hearing about it.  But I’m also betting those who tried it understand my love for it!

It’s hands down the one product I reach for when I want it a bit more ‘oomph’ in my makeup, but not much more time to my makeup process.  Its creamy formulation glides across my eyelids beautifully and gives a golden hue that compliments my skin beautifully.  

Bonus: It’s easily the cheapest top shelf product I use and I featured it in my the best of the best drugstore article here.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Champagne Pop – It took me years to jump on the Champagne Pop bandwagon.  As our highlighters seem to have high standards of creating the perfect balance of a glow across our cheekbones, all the while not being a waste of money nor mistake us for a cheap disco ball.  Champagne Pop gives a beautifully golden glow that is neither disco ball nor natural… but rather a true skin perfector giving me an all day glow from within.

Jane Iredale Powdered Foundation – I’ve had a bit of a tumultuous relationship with this treasured base.  I’m sure you can guess that my fondness is back on for this silky mineral foundation as I’ve allowed it a coveted spot in my limited vanity.  But I’ve found it really depends upon what goes beneath it and it pairs beautifully with the Hourglass Mineral Primer.

Jane Iredale, though pricey, does wonders for acne prone skin and is one of the fewest mineral foundations that you can layer + still look au naturale.

 Whew. That seemed like so many products to get through in one post, but I honestly couldn’t pick one that I would be willing to go without.

What are your top-shelf-never-ever-gonna-give-up products?

xo Kelsey


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  • That lip colour looks so beautiful!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Thanks Candice! It’s my absolute favorite. xo

  • Lovely post! I need to repurchase the Urban Decay Naked Concealer, it’s so great! x

    • I’m so glad you liked it! And I have to say I’m so happy I went with the UD concealer as my first 🙂

  • Samileen

    Love that lip color. Urban decay naked concealer is the best. I absolutely love it. Also you just can’t go wrong with the becca highlighters they are

    Saman || Beautydetour

    • Haha I’m so glad you agree with all my picks! I’ll probably be headed your way if I ever need another concealer recommendation 🙂

  • Ela

    I’m going to get the Champagne Pop split with the Hyacinth blush – it looks so good when swatched, and I’m a sucker for a good highlighter!
    Ela |

    • Ahh you are so lucky 🙂 They came out with that right after I bought the Champagne Pop and I would have loved to have the combo. xo

  • Every time I read your beauty post now, I cannot focus on your writing because I keep staring at that vanity, haha. It is just so pretty!

    • L O L I’m soooo glad that’s the case 🙂 As I’m just a bit obsessed with it and I’m guessing it’s going to be in a lot of my upcoming photos! xo

  • I’ve been through 3 of the Amber Rush shadows from L’Oreal. Such a perfect color!

    Hope //

    • haha that is amazing! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who swears by that color 🙂

  • I love the UD naked concealer, I feel like everyone was obsessed with it for a while and now no one talks about it.

    Perfect Shade of Mauve

    • I’m always so beyond on beauty trends! 🙂 But so far it’s absolutely beautiful. xo

  • I need a new primer, and I didn’t even think about Too Faced!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • For winters it’s my go to 🙂 Though Hourglass one is just s o n i c e to apply.

  • I’m so glad you finally decided to give Champagne Pop a go and it’s made your top shelf picks! I love that highlighter so much, I don’t think anything will ever beat it to be honest 🙂 I also need to try out this Too Faced Hangover Primer – everyone raves about it!!xo

    Char |

    • I’m so annoyed it took me so long to hop on board! It’s just so pretty to look at. I will say I love the Too Faced Primer for winters, but otherwise I find myself reaching for Hourglass as it’s just so beautiful to apply. xo

  • Chris Thomas

    Gosh, I love the clinique lipstick. Such a gorgeous color. I have the Loreal eyeshadow. Do you use eyeliner and mascara with the shadow as well?

    • I definitely use mascara with it 🙂 I really love Too Faced Better than Sex mascara – a trashy name, but amazing product. And then I only use eyeliner occasionally with it but I love Kat Von D’s or a really good drugstore one like L’Oreal’s Voluminous eyeliner. xo

  • I’ve had Plum Pop on my wish list for such a long time, I don’t know why I’ve never purchased it, such a gorgeous shade x

    | |

  • I LOVE the naked concealer. It is easily my favorite concealer I’ve purchased…and I’ve tried a ton!

    Brittany |

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