The Two Staples Every Wardrobe Needs

I have quite a bit of style posts saved up and realized that maybe I should just share them before I forget about them!  Plus you are getting another peek at my closet that is almost done 🙂 L has been working on it for a while and it’s coming together so gorgeously that I can’t help but turn my camera towards my brick wall + copper closet rod.

But back to the style part!

Lately, I’ve built up a smaller closet that gives me most from the least amount of pieces.  (More on that later.) And it’s so funny because I used to always just buy shirt after shirt, building a closet that got boring quickly and gave me only a few options of styling.  But a world of less, truly brought me more once I made room a-line skirts + mock turtle neck tops.

I saw this cute wool a-line skirt on Shopruche and just couldn’t help but snatch it up   i m m e d i a t e l y.  I’m typically a very  non-committal shopper, stashing items in my online shopping cart for what seems like forever, yet as a dress lover stuck in a winter wonderland, a combo of wool + skirt is basically invaluable in my eyes.  (This camel colored skirt is currently sold out, but they have a grey option too!) Plus, A- line skirts have essentially turned into a wardrobe staple to me, much like jeans are, as they:

one –  compact beautifully in a suitcase

two – are a perfect balance of staple + options

I’ve never felt tied down with an a-line skirt for wardrobe options and I’m sure that’s why I’ve turned towards them the more I refine my closet.

Plus, wool is one of my best wardrobe investments as it’s able to retain warmth without unnecessary baggy-ness other winter clothes have to sport. I know the majority of us are praying for a heat wave to sweep us into the summer months, but this is actually the perfect time to get some deals on typically pricey wool pieces… just also way less exciting than sun dresses.a line wool skirt and mock neck turtleneck

I could probably go on and on about the importance of a good a-line skirt. (Flattering, style choices, etc.), but this season I also fell head over heels for mock turtlenecks.  I won’t lie – Wyoming is downright chilly.  And my winter closet is comprised of at least 50% sweater material.  But I got a bit bored with buying sweater after sweater and wanted something this year to – wait for it –  l a y e r.  (A novel idea to a once shirt only wearing enthusiast.)

I love the mock turtlenecks mainly for their extreme versatility! They are certainly not made for sweltering days, but look great with jeans, shorts, skirts (a-line or midi, your choice!) and a perfect transition piece for those days that start cold, but turn warm.  They also happen to be extremely kind to all budgets and wallets, much unlike wool staples.  Plus, they are not limited to only warm weather staples, they can sported in short sleeves or sleeveless and still just as versatile.

And of course, these two staples look absolutely perfect together.

Has your closet been taken over by a-line’s and mock necks or is just me??

xo Kelsey


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