A Few Things To Consider Giving Up In Your Vanity

So often I get on here and talk about less in your closet, in order to get more out of life.  But I rarely get on here and talk about just less stuff in general.  In fact, after tackling my closet, my vanity was the area that needed an overhaul for less.

For so long I watched my makeup collection need more and more room, taking over one drawer after the other. At one point I was even considering an entire drawer for my lipsticks alone.  So it wasn’t until I cut off my extra storage and ditched some products that I really started to get less in my vanity.

Extra storage.

Granted even as a beauty blogger I slightly cringe at this suggestion. But I’m definitely a gold fish.  Give me a big closet and I’ll fill it.  Give me a few more drawers and I have no problem clicking ‘purchase’ on my Sephora shopping cart.

So the best way to eliminate your extra space is to simply take it away.

This West Elm desk turned vanity did just that for me. A single drawer + a table top of my favorites is all the makeup storage I get.  I do have a ottoman with storage that houses my larger beauty items, like a blow dryer and curling iron, but as far as makeup storage goes this skinny drawer is all I get.  It really helped me align what was necessary and what is just ‘stuff.’

Any overly mattify-ing product.

I can hardly believe that as an oily skinned person, I’m discouraging the use of mattifying products.  Though to clarify I’m more discrediting those  that are overly mattifying.  You know, the products that tend to take your natural sheen and dull it down to a dry sahara desert that has your skin begging for moisture. Rather invest in products that help balance your skin. 

My skin changed dramatically just by putting down the mattifiers and harsh soaps, and instead picking up facial oils.  Everyone’s skin balance is different, but be careful about how you “correct” yours.  Find a bit kinder products like a good cleansing oil, balancing + moisturizing primer, or even an balancing toner if you think you need one.

Makeup Vanity, Neutral Colored Home

The pretty (useless) product.

We all have that one product that is prettier than it is useful.  But without all that extra storage (come on now you can get rid of it!) products have to become as functional as they are good looking!

The brands that excel in both areas:

Jane Iredale
Charlotte Tilbury

Lip drying lipstick.

It’s 2018 guys.  That means that we no longer have to have pick between long lasting vs moisturizing.

My forever favorite to give me both is Too Face’s lip primer. It not only helps to set my color (whether liquid or otherwise), but also keeps my lips from becoming dry and cracked by noon.  The primer even wears beautifully under budget buys from the drug store. Meaning I now get the best of both worlds.


Tossing out things, whether in your closet or vanity, always seems a bit daunting.  And in some ways downright gut wrenching. (I can’t even explain how long I questioned my new vanity choice.)  Though I’ve always found if I tackle one area at a time rather than just steamrolling and tossing out  e v e r y t h i n g, I end up with the products I actually use.  And hardly ever have to repurchase what I’ve thrown out.


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