To New Beginnings

I’m skipping Peach Parities this month because really I think I would just fill out the entire thing with:

Moving: to Bozeman, Montana

That’s right after calling little Laramie, WY my home for almost nine years (college years included) I’m moving.  A decade of my life will now be behind me. As well as, my first home.

L and I are making a really big leap and moving up to his hometown and state.  He is chasing his dream of starting his own construction company (sort of taking over his dad’s company) and I’m excited to be following along to a new a brand new place.  We’ve actually been looking to move for quite awhile now (we almost moved back in January to another MT town that may as well have been in Canada), but I could tell Lee’s heart was set on trying out his own hand at entrepreneurship and so we settled on the idea of moving this summer.

This explains a bit why some of my posts schedule have been odd. I have my own home in Wyoming and I’m trying to get ready for the market. So when I’m not sitting here typing away or working with companies or trying to reply to all your lovely comments, I’ve been running around like a crazy lady.  Painting, prepping, cleaning and tidying.  Home owning is no joke. (Though shout out to my parents who have been the biggest and best help a girl could ask for.)

While I would love to tell you it’s all positive, excited vibes over here that would be quite a lie.  It’s a big change for both of us and after living in my home for over seven years now, I seem to be a bit… attached to my small home.  Slanting floors and all.

Also, I’m nervous.

It’s all so new.  And I’m leaving behind so many people I truly love and have come so used to having them in my life it’s a bit scary to leave it all it behind.  I think I figured graduating from college was going to be one of the biggest steps in my life and turns out that I was wrong.  Life really never stops being big.

Luckily, L is one of the sweetest, most down to earth guys on the planet and seems to be handling my variable mood swings about moving like a champ.  He’s unphasable and a solid rock I get quite giddy about.

ALSO.. I don’t really have a job lined up. So when I’m in Mexico I’ll be a legitimate beach bum. No job and barely a home. Beach bummin’ fo lyfe. 😉

If I end up just staying there or on the beach in Alabama I figure it wouldn’t be the worst, though I’m guessing I would miss L and Zeus and Finnick too much.

Best quote ever from the crazy talented Annie at MontgomeryFest

What does this all mean for abp?

Well, I hope nothing.

I have absolutely every intention to keep blogging and even open up my own print shop by July. So I’ll still be here telling you all about my love for facial oils and photography, but I don’t want to become an endless line of #sponsored posts just to afford said oils and eve more cameras.

Though I may have to ask for a bit of a grace period.  Where I find my voice as a jobless beach bum who loves taking photos of flowers.

But I’m so excited to finally be able to include you on this big life moment. It’s been in the works for quite some time and not including you all in on big life stuff can feel so odd.  I am so honored to have such a positive, loving community on here, it makes sharing life beyond enjoyable.  Plus, I’m quite excited to ‘pack you all up’ and take you on to the next part of life me!

If you ever have any questions or a “EEK! The jobless beach bum is taking on too many sponsors” thought, please always feel free to reach out!  I value your opinions so much and am always willing to listen.


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