The Skincare Products Every Travel Bag Needs

With a trip home under my belt and Charleston a mere 10 days away (EEEEE) my suitcase is hovering just out of sight. I’m even already sifting and sorting through my Spring wardrobe options for the trip!  Though my boyfriend keeps reminding me it’s always my beauty bag that I’m trying to cram in last minute. So I wanted to get a head start with keeping my bags light and efficient.  Meaning I’m breaking out some well rounded travel skincare tips.

The two in one moisturizer.

I personally prefer products that are dual purpose when traveling. Hefting around heavy luggage gets old really quick, so I like finding products that I can use multiple times a day.  Unfortunately, finding a moisturizer that keeps me oil free and equally hydrated can be tricky!

Clinique’s Moisture surge line had been on my radar for a long time. But it wasn’t until I had a free sample that I got hooked. The gel-like-cream soaks in quickly and provides a smooth surface for makeup application. And while it is light enough for the day time, I love traveling with it because it locks in moisture plenty for overnight as well.

The only downside is the less than hygienic pot it’s kept in.  However, there is a travel size + germ free container I’m grabbing next time I’m at a Sephora.

Gentle, but effective cleanser.

Ever since adding the PMD beauty tool into my skincare routine, I’ve erased all scrubbing cleansers.  And instead have been investing in the creamy cleanser world.  With my first use of the It Cosmetics cleanser, I couldn’t help but fall for the way it glided over my skin.  I never felt like I was tugging at my skin trying to wipe my stubborn mascara away, nor did it lather up and potentially dry out my skin.

Truthfully, out of all my travel skincare tips this is the most important.  Your skin won’t stay happy for long if you can’t erase the day away.

Look for cleansers that are gel based and free of irritating ingredients, like sulfates and soaps.

travel skincare tips

skincare travel tips

Double cleanse option.

Luckily for me, the It Cosmetics cleanser does the trick at removing my stubborn makup, but when my skin feels extra blah after a long flight I always want a double cleanse option. Unfortunately, this is a fine line as I want clean, not irritated skin.  I’ve been fairly picky about cleansing balms in the past, but I have to say I’m really impressed with the few I’ve tried lately!

The Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse balm is water activated so you don’t have to worry about it spilling out of it’s container and the mitt that comes along with it makes sure I’m scrubbing every inch of my skin.

When it comes to double cleansing on the road be extra gentle and opt for a balm.

Facial oil.

My love for facial oil has been well documented on my site. In fact, I would go so far as to say adding oil to my routine was the first step at drastically clearing my skin. Though if there is a wonder product that can do it all from morning to night I would have to say it’s Herbivore’s Lapis oil.

The Azulene based oil does wonders at reducing redness on stressed out skin.  Plus, if my skin is feeling extra dry this oil works layers under my makeup beautifully.  It never has me looking like a complete oil slick.

To keep my skincare routine minimal, this is a double use product that I can’t go without.

travel skincare tips

Spot treatment.

I’m not sure if there is a worse time for an acne flare up on more than vacation. (First date and photo day certainly rank right up there.) Naturally being acne prone means that I have sampled  a l o t  of spot treatments out there.  And the one ingredient my skin seems to  l o v e  is sulfur. Sulfur does wonders at killing the bacteria from acne, as well, banishing oily build up.

There are a lot of sulfur masks out there that I’m extremely loyal to, but it’s Mario Badescu’s Drying lotion that I can’t give up for overnight spot treatment.

The lotion is formulated with sulfur, salicylic acid, and calamine to help dry up pimples fast.  Unlike other products though you want it to remain separated.  Simply take a cotton swab, press into the pink clay and dab on your skin. (Word to the wise there is a glass bottle version and a plastic bottle version.  Snag the plastic one whether you are traveling or not.  The glass shatters e a s i l y.)


The main takeaway is to find travel friendly products.  Even use a bag lined with plastic on the inside! It’s much easier cleaning out bag lined with plastic than a simple cloth one!  Even the best of the best travel skincare tips can be ruined with a leaking bottle.

Is there one product you can’t travel without?


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