Ways to Build a Timeless Wardrobe After College

Creating a Timeless Wardrobe

I don’t think I will ever be a fashion blogger.    I am characteristically “un-cool” in front of the camera and don’t have near the confidence as others showing off the newest pieces of my wardrobe in cool girl street style.  

However, I do think I can weigh in on the importance of finding a personal style!

With my year of less in full swing, I’ve started to notice a shift in the way I view my closet.  It no longer is swimming with too many t-shirts and un folded sweaters that haven’t seen daylight since graduation.  It may not have as many fashionable moments as it used to, but it’s much more paired down and manageable. 

Lace off the shoulder, wool sweaters, spring layers

Start over.

I think when we leave college we are so used to scraping by and having to just deal with what we have, that throwing out anything seems sacrilegious. 

Though often it’s what our closet needs.

A closet built solely upon low risers + too tight t-shirts (college girl staples) are most likely going to find themselves pushed to the side for more professional attire as we enter the 9 to 5 world.  A few pieces from college cab be kept – pretty lace cami’s that can be styled a bit more professionally – but for the most part the majority should be tossed or donated.

It’s natural for our closets to go through some growing phases, we just have to give them a little overhaul sometimes through the stages.


Once I purged my closet it gave me a bit more clarity of what I missing and actually needed.  Needed as in not what is showcased in all the magazine covers or email subscriptions, needed as in what was actually lacking.

Rather than restocking on too many of something I started to  i n v e s t  in the staples that I knew would make to from this season to the next.


It’s quite mind blowing how an overstuffed closet can cloud your decisions once you head into the store.  I’d often find myself in a store wondering what I exactly needed or getting completely distracted and winding up with a too similar top.  Simplifying a closet can be just as important as starting over with one.

Build from the ground up.

It’s not entirely where you think you should start, but I’ve kind of noticed my shoe collection says much more about my everyday style than anything else does.  

And don’t fret! I’m not saying what you wear everyday means that’s your style (ie – nurse shoes), but I do think your style starts at your feet.

I bought a couple new pairs of shoes this year after throwing out all my bar stained flats from college and the two pairs seemed to sum up my style more than any amount of blouses could.  I like feminine touches along with staples that can be worn everyday is what my wardrobe is made of.

Creating a Timeless Wardrobe

Be you.

Fashion is not just for streamlined images that grace every Vogue cover, fashion is also what we participate in everyday.  Sure, deciding between your pleated white button down versus a green v-neck blouse may not seem Vogue worthy, but it’s moments like these that make up the ideas behind Vogue. 

I always like to follow along to fashion half listening.  I have my personal style that lasts through as many seasons as they can, though I do like to let what’s currently fashionable influence pieces in my closet here and there.

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Whether you are a fashion blogger, avid Vogue subscriber, or someone who just wants a decent closet, know that a good wardrobe is not based off how many hangers you have.   Nor is it based off the current season trends.

What style staples do you swear by?

xo Kelsey


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  • reneejessome

    I definitely need to do this! I have clothes that I haven’t worn in years but for some reason can’t let myself get rid of them!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    • Ah! You sound just like me before I read Live More, Want Less. Some how that book made me no longer fear throwing out old clothes. You can totally do it pretty girl 🙂 Just takes some adjustment!

  • This is a great post I always find myself cleaning out things I don’t wear as I buy new items amazed at how much things just doesn’t fit me

    Beauty Candy Loves

    • I”m so glad you liked it Candice! It’s crazy what we accumulate over time! I always find things that are too small or too big buried in my closet. xo

  • Great post, so helpful! I always think investing in basics is key to starting up a new wardrobe! x

    • Thanks Millie! And yes it’s basically the best place to start. xo

  • This is so true! Trying to create your own personal style can be intimidating, especially when it involves throwing out old clothes that don’t work anymore. So worth it, though.

    x julia

    • It really is! I think I was soooo scared to start… but now I feel like no piece of clothing is safe in my house. If I don’t use it.. it’s gone. Thanks for stopping by love! xo

  • I am blessed to have job that doesn’t care at all about my clothes. It’d drive me insane.

    • That’s so nice! My office is pretty relaxed so I feel pretty luck compared to others as well. xo

  • I totally needed this, and I’ve been out of college for years! Thanks for the tips!

    • I’m so glad you liked it Christine! xo

  • Jen

    I agree with the shoes! Those are often what I struggle with when putting an outfit together. I recently invested in a few pairs to remedy that. Lovely post! x


    • Thanks Jen! I so want to be one of those girls who owns countless shoes for each outfit… but I seem to do best with just a couple of staples 🙂

  • I love that blue off shoulder top! I definitely agree, I need to simplify my wardrobe, I buy way too many clothes that I don’t even wear x


    • Isn’t it so gorgeous? I’m quite “off the shoulder” obsessed right now. And I was/am the exact same way! Though I will say pairing down my wardrobe is now one of my favorite hobbies 🙂

  • Great post Kelsey! I’m definitely no fashion blogger either (I’m quite uncomfortable in front of the camera) and I wouldn’t really call myself a very stylish person. But as I’m about to graduate uni I’m definitely going through this process of trying to redo my wardrobe and find my own style. xx

    • It’s so much easier taking flat lays huh?? You are so smart though to find your own style now. I feel like I should have started so much earlier. xo

  • Really great tips. It definitely takes time to rebuild, but investing in a few great qualities pieces has a much better reward than stocking up on cheap-o things you only ‘kind of enjoy’

    I just Kon-Mari’d my closet, and have very little left, and it’s so much better that way!

    – Dara //

    • Thanks Dara! And yes that is a lesson I’m slowly but surely starting to learn 🙂

  • I love your clothing style so much!!! I keep wanting to buy prints and I need to stay away as they just don’t seem to stay in style, unless it’s a classic floral. I REALLY need to pair down my wardrobe and this post has inspired me to do so without having to fully commit to a capsule wardrobe just yet!!! Do you have any favourite online shops that I could access here in Australia? I feel like we have a very similar style.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    • Thank you so much Sarah! And I feel like simple stripes and florals about the only prints I can commit to right now, as I’m currently terrified of capsule wardrobes. (What if I want to just go crazy one weekend?? lol)

      So I just discovered Goodnight Macaroon and am obsessed! Apparently they do flash sales every Tuesday and Thursday and I’m poised to grab something from there. I hope that helps sweet girl! xo

  • I’ve been recently going through a closet purge that has been completely over do. In college I managed to get by with a limited wardrobe. However, as the years have gone by my closet has grown and expanded without getting rid of clothes at the same rate. I still have some work to do but I’ve realized how little of my wardrobe I actually wear! For me, I stick mostly to classic pieces that I can wear with multiple outfits.

    Brittany |

    • I think that’s the best way to do it! Fashion is fun, but having to DIG through a wardrobe is not. I heard something like girls only use 73% of their closets. I have no idea what went into that statistic but I feel like that is me to a T. 🙂

  • I think we’re meant to find our personal style in our mid 20’s, that’s when we’ve tried all sorts of “trends” that we could possible imagine. I remember my highschool days and how my wardrobe was packed with t-shirts and blue jeans, I don’t even wear that anymore haha. x

    | |

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