24 Hour Travel Diary in San Antonio

Looking through these photos makes me miss those gorgeously warm Texas days!  Laramie seems to be no longer giving us an unseasonably warm fall and plunged into full blown winter.  C’est la vie.  Though rather than wallow in my current layers of sweaters, I figured it was the perfect chance to share my travel diary so we can all enjoy in some warm weather dreaming.

San Antonio Blue Indigo Hotel

9:00 am Brunch at Las Canarias – After a late night arrival we let ourselves be a bit lazy and enjoy our downtown historic hotel a bit longer than we planned.  Hotel Indigo was L’s find and I couldn’t stop gazing at all the intricate detail + marble wayne’s coating.  They kept the original elevators in place, while the working ones stayed right behind them.

From there it was just a quick walk to Las Canarias for brunch.

I won’t lie… our brunch was easily our most expensive  meal of the trip… and my favorite 🙂 We didn’t save a penny going here, but starting out our day with such a scenic + delicious breakfast (along with some mimosas!) made it totally worth it.

11:00 am Strolling on the Riverwalk – After eating out on the patio it was a simple stair climb for us to stroll around and take in all that the infamous Riverwalk offered.

We passed on taking a boat cruise and in a perfect world with plenty of time to spare, I would say book a boat tour + make time for strolling.

1:00 pm Quick lunch at Burger boy – We weren’t super hungry after such a big brunch, but a little milkshake + fry combo at a local greasy burger shop is exactly what we were looking for.

2:00 pm San Jose Mission – Easily one of my favorite finds this trip.

While San Antonio is known for it’s many, many missions this was my favorite.  The San Jose Mission was known as the “Queen of the missions” and was adorned with a large courtyard, surrounded by living quarters on the outside wall.  The church was built with such intricate details I found myself snapping photo after photo.

3:30 pm The Alamo – The historically known site is actually right down town and caddy corner to our hotel.  We made the mistake of not visiting first thing in the morning, driving away only having to pay double the amount in parking that afternoon  a n d  fighting through the crowds.


So learn from us… always read parking meters (I lost a $20 to a $15 spot) and prepare to plan your day around parking.

4:30 pm Happy Hour – After a full day of non stop tourist-ing we were happy to find a little bar to grab a glass of wine and relax a bit.

Breakfast in San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio Blue Indigo Hotel

San Antonio Blue Indigo Hotel

San Antonio Riverwalk

San Jose San Antonio Mission

San Jose San Antonio Mission

San Jose San Antonio Mission

^^ My new favorite mustard colored dress

San Jose San Antonio Mission

San Antonio Missions, San Jose

San Jose San Antonio Mission

San Antonio Riverwalk

6:00 pm… Drove to Austin!  Say tuned for another travel diary filled with all the good eats and the fun sights that we found in Austin.

A couple of people asked me what was my favorite spot… San Antonio vs Austin and honestly I couldn’t really choose!  I will say I think Austin in twenty four hours would be an absolute mad house – rushing around, fighting traffic, trying to cram so many food trucks in one day… It just doesn’t sound fun.

But twenty hours of San Antonio felt absolutely perfect.

xo Kelsey



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  • Jen

    Gorgeous photos and especially gorgeous dress! Kudos to seeing so much in so little time. Looking forward to seeing Austin. x

    Jen | affecionada

    • Thank you so much Jen! Shopruche has been my go to for years 🙂

  • Once again, your photos are gorgeous and I am drooling over your brunch! It sounds like it was a beautiful day and you got to see a lot!

    • Thanks so much Chelsie! xo

  • This is so beautiful, I love your travel posts so much. ALSO! love your new header image on the main page of your blog! So cute.

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed the post Alexandra 🙂 And thank you so much! I’m so glad the change was welcomed. xo

  • Oh it does look so warm! I wish London was like this atm 🙂

    • Wyoming and London seem to be on the same page weather wise because sweet lou is it cold today! xo

  • That waffle looks so amazing!! Your outfit and shoes are absolutely adorable Kelsey!

    • Thank you so much Andrea! That means quite a lot as you have such great style. xo

  • The Riverwalk is a must see! I can’t help but wish my own city had one.

    Brittany |

    • Same here Brittany! It was so relaxing and a bit magical. xo

  • How beautiful, I love how everything looks so autumnal (not to mention that lovely dress!). Can’t wait to see Austin <3

    | |

    • Thank you so much sweet girl! xo

  • I can’t explain enough how much I’m in love with these photos and how the colors all came together!! also, I’m just insanely jealous of your sundress + sandals, k.

    • You little sweetheart! And oh what I wouldn’t do to be back in a sundress. C’est la vie. xo

  • Love these pictures Kelsey! I was actually just in Texas as well 🙂

    xo, mikéla /

    • You were?? I swear we always just miss each other… one day though 🙂

  • I absolutely love your travel diary posts and I love seeing all of your pretty pictures! That mustard dress is b e a u t i f u l and I can see why you love it! I hope you had an amazing trip xo

    Char |

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