A Few Airbnb’s Worth Adding to Your Bucket List


Jan 4, 2019

Big Sky Montana A-frame Airbnb

If I could have any job title it would either be “Cheese Board Designer” or “Airbnb Extraordinaire.”  I fully embraced the idea of Airbnb when it first emerged on the scene and ever since I’m happy to say my lists have tripled and my knowledge of idyllic spaces has grown.

So if you are like me and love cozy luxury while on the road here are a few Airbnb’s for your bucket list for 2019.

Big Sky A-Frame – perfectly tucked away from the big crowds that Big Sky is known for.  It’s a bit tight on space, but for those who love cozy over luxury it’s possibly the best fit.

Big Sky Montana A-frame Airbnb

Bozeman Treehouse – if you want to escape the hustle and bustle this little treehouse is perfect.  Quiet enough to make a weekend getaway feel like another world and close enough you still able to run into town to grab another bottle of wine.

Whitefish White Farmhouse – a photographer’s dream! Thoughtfully decorated spaces also go hand in hand with cozy rooms. I’m not sure what I would love most though… that wrap around deck or clawfoot tub.

Glacier Mod – if you ever find yourself in Glacier during fire season and not sure which side will stay open book this small house.  Located right in the middle of the mountain range it’s equal distance to the East and West entrance.  Bonus for it’s retro stove top and modern minimal decor.

Utah A-Frame – By now I think this a-frame has become quite infamous, but I was lucky enough to stay in it last year. And truth be told that it’s even more perfect on the inside. White shiplap and thoughtfully curated decor make it a photographers dream.

Colorado Springs Boho – a boho cottage to jumpstart all your interior design dreams.  I’m currently trying to convince my guy that we need a retro fridge at our own place.

Cute Airbnb Retro Kitchen
Boho Airbnb House
Cute Airbnb Retro Kitchen

The Airbnb itself is very small and cozy. I personally love that vibe, but more than two people would be a bit much for this dreamy space.

Bozeman’s Best – this place has been on my wishlist ever since moving to Bozeman. It’s thoughtfully curated and the outside space has me dreaming of our long summer days.

Bozeman A-Frame – The quintessential Bozeman Airbnb – modern and rustic. A lot of Airbnb’s force you to choose solitude or busy, but this a-frame-esque space gives you Montana quiet with access to the vibrant downtown.

I hope you love scrolling these Airbnbs and honestly I would love to hear about your favorite spots you have found!



A Few Airbnb’s Worth Adding to Your Bucket List


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