Bozeman, MT in 5 Quick Stops

I feel as though I’ve been a bit Montana biased around here lately.  Though after spending almost a week in Big Sky country I was certainly a bit starry eyed for the state.  For those who don’t have much of a Montana geography (don’t worry, I’m right there with you) Bozeman is a mere couple hours North of the much talked about and photographed Yellowstone National Park.  It’s tucked in between different mountain ranges, so even with moody fall weather you can’t help but fall for those mountain views.

If you are thinking ‘ugh another travel guide…’ you can check out my last post that is a bit more inspirational and just lets you enjoy the state without a checklist of to-do’s.  But for those who love who love googling the best of the best things in cities here is a list of my favorite spots for the mountain gem that is Bozeman.

Downtown Bozeman Montana

one. Palisade Falls

A super quick and easy hike that even the most reluctant hiker can enjoy. You get to enjoy a drive through Galletin Canyon that provides picture-esque views above the reservoir and even though it’s a popular trail you can easily avoid the crowds going earlier in the day.

two. Spanish Peaks

A gorgeous drive through the mountains perfect for gloomy days.  Just know the peaks may not be visible during bad weather, but the buffalo will most likely still make an appearance offering up some unique photos ops.  (PS please remember buffalo are  w i l d  and very unpredictable! Don’t put yourself in danger just for a pretty pic.)

three. Copper Whiskey Bar

An underground whiskey bar nestled in Downtown Bozeman complete with whiskey flights (my favorite) and delicious traditional food (my other favorite.)

four. Cafe Fresco

This little cafe has possibly the best Italian Food I’ve ever tasted.  It offers creekside dining in the heart of downtown with a lovely patio area perfect for long summer nights!

five. La Chocolataine Chocolate Company

Two things I always search when traveling – chocolate stores and bakeries.  These are such fun places to venture into as they typically provide well thought out designs + decor.

La Chocolataine was no different. A little Parisian decor right in the middle of Montana could make anyone reach for their camera.

I feel as if there is so much more that I covered in Bozeman, but looking back those were easily my highlights. Aside from just ducking in and out of stores all along the downtown strip, these are five stops you have to make sure you visit.

What do you love searching for when traveling?

xo Kelsey


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