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This year I sort of let myself off the hook.  And rather than giving myself another word and driving every day towards it, I let myself dream a bit more.  Things that I’ve looking forward to or new things to try. (I’m thinking I’ll try fish tacos out in Charleston in March.) But there are […]


I saved this post for the post holiday season because let’s be honest… once the holidays are done I’m ready for summer.  Unfortunately, living so far North and in Montana means that I’m stuck in a winter wonderland for at least another 3 months.  Though if there is one thing that living in such cold […]


We are down to only a couple more days of 2017 and while I am looking forward to 2018 with as much as excitement as I’m sure you are, I wanted to give 2017 one more nod.  Plus, it’s sort of fun to see how much has changed in a few simple months! I think […]


The fact that 2018 is just next week seems so crazy! And like most people I’m starting to look forward and dream about the possibilities an unseen year has in store for me.  The last couple of years I’ve chosen to dedicate my next 365 days to a single word.  It’s been a habit that […]


With the holiday right around the corner I figured I would check in and send off a simple Merry Christmas! I’ll be spending the weekend down in Colorado with family and check in next week once we are back from vacation.  Wishing you and yours all the best this time of year.


These photos are from a couple weekends back, but with how much I’m looking forward to Christmas (and how festive our house is looking) I thought I would share our little Christmas tree hunt adventure. While I was proud we were grabbing our tree so early on and not saving our adventure last minute, I’m […]


These are the gifts I always think of when I think of my friends.  Sweet and special.  I may not always give them the most extravagant gifts out there, but I’d like to think that these are presents that make them smile all the same.    I made sure to include a bit of everything […]


A few weeks back I took a leap far out of my comfort zone.  I signed up for creative retreat in Heber City with…. total strangers.  I would like to preface that I knew a few on Instagram, but L and my parents were still a bit put off that I had signed up to […]


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