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These photos are from a couple weekends back, but with how much I’m looking forward to Christmas (and how festive our house is looking) I thought I would share our little Christmas tree hunt adventure. While I was proud we were grabbing our tree so early on and not saving our adventure last minute, I’m […]


These are the gifts I always think of when I think of my friends.  Sweet and special.  I may not always give them the most extravagant gifts out there, but I’d like to think that these are presents that make them smile all the same.    I made sure to include a bit of everything […]


A few weeks back I took a leap far out of my comfort zone.  I signed up for creative retreat in Heber City with…. total strangers.  I would like to preface that I knew a few on Instagram, but L and my parents were still a bit put off that I had signed up to […]


Somehow we are in the last month of 2017.  The month where we all start looking back at our last 365 days and start to dream of how to make the next ones even better.  The dreams and promises of healthy habits to carry us through the New Year seem almost as  exciting as Christmas […]


I’ve toyed around with different home posts for my blog.  And I was  r e a l l y  struggling. Every post I wrote I felt as if I trying to pretend that my space was ‘perfect’ or ‘#housegoals.’  When in fact it’s anything but.  There are certainly things I love about our Montana apartment […]


The more I dive into photography the more I realize just how much I tweak my favorite Mastin presets.  When I first started out blogging I was on the hunt for a Lightroom preset that was going to give me exactly what I want.  And it wasn’t too quickly that I learned there simply isn’t one. […]


It’s been so long since I added to this series.  I certainly believe in being informed about what’s going on in the world, but let’s just be honest – this isn’t the website for hard hitting news.  And rather than always droning on and on about skincare bits (like pick a bottle already Kelsey 😉 […]


Hat || Dress || Boots I feel as if I am unable to start a Peach Parities post without mentioning just how crazy it is that we are on another month… so let’s not break that streak.  How. Is. It. November.  It feels as if I every time I log on here I am writing […]


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