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Saying that we are set to be in the third month of 2017 is just absolutely crazy.  Granted February is a shorter month so I shouldn’t be so shocked it came and went so fast. And as always I like to look back over the posts I published and try to find a favorite.  Holy […]


Somehow we have found ourselves now fully in the ‘new year.’ With as many up’s and down’s as my month faced, our world seemed to have faced just as many, if not more. While I’ve been mainly quiet and thoughtful about all the events happening, I’ve also tried to focus on how I can help […]


First time in Austin, TX || O’ Christmas Tree! || Christmas card tips || A Year of Less ||Beauty Oil Battle || Winter Wonderland Dreamin’ While these parities are coming to you a bit late (December flew by and we already welcomed the New Year),  I wanted to enjoy the rest of the month, and […]


S A N  A N T O N I O  ||  Seriously, the best hair accessories || A fun healthy habit to try ||  Thermos + Cider || Skincare Holiday Specials W e l l  looks like this is going to be the last time you have to listen to me complain abou 2016 going by […]


Well September came and went didn’t it? Mine certainly didn’t go smoothly as I was out in the field for work for three weeks on a very un-fun (is that a word??) project.  I was hoping for a bit of a smoother month as August was a bit unsettling as well – enter mid 20’s panic […]


Skincare Minimalism || Explore Gulf Shores || The Twisted Fish || Traveling + Cooking || Things to Remember About Photography || Travel Photography  I’m a little eager to write this post and a little sad.  July was marked out as my Summer month filled with s o  m u c h, so to see it […]


Skin Detoxing… Again || SLC + Studio Shop || Skincare for Every Girl || H O M E || Hairstyle of the Summer || Fuss Free Beauty || Habits I need to Commit to (What about you??) || May the Light Be With You || ONE I’m currently writing this snuggled up and counting how […]


Eeee! The Peach Parities are up a little late this month. I don’t think I wasn’t quite ready for June to get here.  The end of May seemed to get much faster than I was ready for it and suddenly I felt so far  behind.   I got a bit (actually a  l o t) […]


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