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I’ve always brushed off closet capsules as being to rigid and a bit unfair (I know most people can’t justify ten dresses – but I certainly can!), so I’ve tried to focus on well loved wardrobe pieces.  If I use it, it stays. No other rule than that. Buuuuut this year I was tempted to […]


If there is one underlying theme to my well loved wardrobe it’s – dresses. It is the one piece of clothing that I carry from season to season or place to place.  When Piper and Scoot offered to send me one of their exclusive dresses, I really struggled picking one out.  But only because all of […]


Changing up an overstuffed wardrobe can be a bit intimidating.  Especially when you toss out all that extra, only to find much emptier space staring back at you.  And it gets youwondering how on earth you aren’t going to get bored with it or at least stretch it out over the week. Or that’s what […]


If there is anything my well loved wardrobe has taught me it’s just how far a few key pieces can go.  For so long I depended on too many ‘cute’ tops and other random clothing I had collected to make up my wardrobe.  Which of course had me getting bored all too quickly and eventually […]


It’s sort of crazy I have almost a year of living with a well loved wardrobe tucked under my belt. I have gone from a crazy shirt buyer to minimalist wanna be and back to somewhere in the middle.  A perfect balance of the two if I may so. I failed a lot in the […]


Ok.  Let’s just admit that sometimes less is hard.  It can be eye opening and life altering absolutely.  But it can also be really freaking hard.  Especially when you open your closet doors and yep.  The same old pants, sweater and shoes stare at you and dare you to find a combo that you haven’t […]


It feels really good to focus on something non work related at the moment. I’ve been loving being busy and trying my hand at entrepreneurship, but I’m happily making time to write about clothing.  Odd? Maybe! But it feels good to think about how far my shopping habits have come compared to the unanswered emails […]


All my summer posts are quite late to game.  Though I would like to blame the move to Montana, career switch, and multiple vacations for the lack of proper timing over here.  Truth be told I would write about summer style and to-do’s all year long if I could manage it.  Including of course, summer […]


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