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Let me just start by saying that Glacier National Park isn’t made for a weekend.  The National Park is filled with valleys, peaks and lakes that is made for much than a weekend, and this Glacier National Park travel guide is all too short for the stunning park.  Still with a photo project due quickly […]


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited out to Three Forks to stay at the charming and historic Sacajawea Hotel.  Only a quick thirty minute drive for L and I, it was the chance to escape and get in a ‘staycation.’   Typically when I travel I make much longer hauls, like traveling to […]


Moving to a new city is no joke. I’m someone who thrives on routines and planning out my week ahead, so it definitely threw me for a loop.  And while finding a new gym, new friends and a new routine has been a bit unnerving, there has been very little struggle on finding good food.  […]


I don’t think I ever planned on sharing a video for this space.  Videos are just one of those things I’ve steered clear of.  Photography is something that I latched on to pretty quickly and felt super natural with on day one. But video is something that has always baffled me. Still I was tired […]


Dress || Purse Oh hello! After taking a week off last week I’m excited to be back on a more regular schedule.  Don’t get me wrong.  Sipping wine on the beach and traveling with L are some of my favorite things… but I’m a routine girl. I like having my weeks planned out and after […]


I was planning on saving my travel guide to Cabo San Lucas for another day, but I find myself already missing the plant covered downtown hotel we stayed in.  Though I should warn you… I really wasn’t a big fan of Cabo. Which I think is the first place I haven’t just completely gushed about […]


I’m skipping Peach Parities this month because really I think I would just fill out the entire thing with: Moving: to Bozeman, Montana That’s right after calling little Laramie, WY my home for almost nine years (college years included) I’m moving.  A decade of my life will now be behind me. As well as, my first […]


I’m so excited for today’s post. One because California is just all around dreamy and two I’m hoping it’s a side of Northern California you don’t get to see all the time in blog posts.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s still filled with wineries and beaches.  But maybe, just maybe, an uncommon travel guide for […]


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