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I always tell myself to hold on to my travel posts a bit longer and to not post them right away … but I just get so excited! And I seemed especially brimming with excitement to share these with you. For one I really haven’t been traveling much.  I needed to take a few months to […]


This a subject I’ve become a really staunch supporter on. And something I’m proud to say my friends always reach out and ask me about! I started traveling by myself for my work a few years back and got pretty good at traveling + being alone.  Two things I always enjoyed, yet had never combined beforehand. In […]


* Jimini Collections was kind of enough to gift me one of their necklaces in trade for a review.  The stories and opinions reflected in this post are those of my own and ones I wanted to share with you so you can understand why I felt a need to work with them.*   Today’s post is […]


I’m a bit embarrassed I’m just now writing this post.  I’ve lived in Wyoming for quite awhile now and I’ve been so focused on sharing my travels with you that I completely forgot to help those out who are trying to visit my very own home state. It’s true there are no pink walls or buildings (or none that […]


It’s hard to think just last Monday I was on the road with Megan headed to Jackson, Wyoming.  Few people have traveled to my home state of Wyoming (it’s a simple flyover state to many), but those that do make their way to our beautiful, albeit a bit of a barren place, are often blessed with […]


I was going to try and drag out my travel posts a bit longer because my last trip was just so warm and so un-holiday-esque… but I’m too excited to share all of our finds to really sit on them for very long.  And even though they aren’t Christmas or Holiday themed, hopefully you can still […]


Looking through these photos makes me miss those gorgeously warm Texas days!  Laramie seems to be no longer giving us an unseasonably warm fall and plunged into full blown winter.  C’est la vie.  Though rather than wallow in my current layers of sweaters, I figured it was the perfect chance to share my travel diary […]


I feel as though I’ve been a bit Montana biased around here lately.  Though after spending almost a week in Big Sky country I was certainly a bit starry eyed for the state.  For those who don’t have much of a Montana geography (don’t worry, I’m right there with you) Bozeman is a mere couple hours […]


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