Fall Style Lineup

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I sort of hate that I’m writing this post as it isn’t even Fall yet, but I would be lying if I said the Wyoming air already hasn’t turned a bit and there wasn’t a noticeable bite to it.  So while I will be forever be a Summer girl I can at the very least appreciate all the textures and layers that fall brings.

A couple of you were sweet enough to suggest some more style based posts around here and while I’m completely flattered, I also am not a fashion blogger at all.  (How on earth do fashion bloggers look so natural in front of the camera??) I think my style has always been decent enough, though my knowledge in fashion is minimal at best. Still I always try to listen to you as you are always sending the sweetest things my way.  So here it is – my fall style lineup.

Fall Attire

My accessories become a little bit non existent in Summer, but Fall allows me to get a bit more brave with the details of my outfits and essentially make them true staples to my wardrobe.  Truth be told, this lovely Koa and grey watch from Jord* at first intimidated me.  I’m a bit of a traditionalist with my watch taste and I always lean towards the classic gold detailing of women’s watches.  Though I’m super pleased that the Jord unique wooden watch seems to go with even more of my wardrobe than I thought it ever would.

There is something about extra layers and textures that just looks so lovely underneath an ornate necklace.  I’m happy to finally have excuses and occasions to reach for my lovely necklace to layer over lace tees and cozy up next to wool knit sweaters.

Hurache Flats

Fall Attire Lineup

FallLineUp (9 of 9)Jord Wooden Watch

After essentially getting rid of my post college closet this year, some new footwear was high up on my list. I snagged hurache-esque flats after seeing my friend with the cutest ones while in Florida this year.  The sandals seem to be the perfect flat as they transition beautifully from summer florals to my already fall-ish add ons. Whereas, my new ankle booties + skinny ankle pants have become my basis for any cute laid back outfit.

I actually grabbed a khaki A line skirt from Loft early last this year and haven’t stopped working it into my daily wardrobe since then.  It doesn’t just work in multiple seasons, but also from the weekends to work – something my college closet didn’t offer me.  So needless to say I’m scouting out more A-line’s to give me more options throughout the year.

Fall Style Lineup

Fall Attire Lineup

Fall Attire

Even though I could stay in Summer mode forever, the Fall layers and styles are slowly starting to grow on me.  (If only it wasn’t followed by the bitter cold and endless snow days.)

With the excitement of the change of seasons + my Jord wooden watch, I’m glad I’m able to share that excitement with you today! Jord is celebrating the turn of the seasons with a chance to win some money for your own wooden timepiece.  Simply enter and cross those fingers for a $25 or $75 credit towards their simply stunning watches.
FallLineUp (9 of 9)
What other Fall staples do I need to add to my own wardrobe?

xo Kelsey

*The giveaway ends on September 18th*

Ladies Wood Watch


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  • That sweater looks so cute

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Kez

    I love the shoes you have in this post, very autumn, simply gorgeous!

    Kez |

    • Thank you Kez! That was seriously one of my goals this year – invest in shoes 🙂

  • Your photos are always so stunning Kelsey! I love the outfits that you put together. I usually like classic leather watches, just like you said, but you make this wooden watch work!

    • Thank you so much Miss Andrea! I always think that when I’m on your site so that means quite a lot to me 🙂 and yes! I never thought I would love/wear a wooden watch so much.xo

  • I love this kind of style! It is still summery although I see some autumn vibes there as well 🙂


    • Thank you thank you Lii! Haha and you caught me 🙂 I’m always trying to sneak some sort of summer in.

      • I think it’s essential to add some summer to outfits. Although I like autumn clothes, they can be a bit dark in colouring. A little summer never hearts 🙂

  • Jen

    Who would have thought of a wooden watch, but it’s actually quite unique and pretty! Love the soft textures in these photos and that you’re incorporating style, Kelsey! x

    Jen | affecionada

    • Thank you Jen! And thank you so much for suggesting more style posts around here 🙂 You always have the sweetest things to say!

  • It is not fall yet… is it? 🙁

    • I hate to say this… but yes LOL in Wyoming it seems that its!

  • Beautiful photos! I love the lace top and the booties! These outfits have me wishing it was a little cooler in NY…

    – Sarah //

    • Thank you so much Sarah! Oh and don’t wish those warm days away 🙂 I’m so jealous we have already lost them… though I do love a good excuse to where my ankle booties 🙂

  • I love Jord watches, they look perfect on casual looks. I love adding caramel toned accents to my outfits too.

    | |

    • Yes! Same here 🙂 Cognac colored accessories are my favorite as I think they go with everything and look so sophisticated. xo

  • jodie.keith

    That watch is so beautiful! It’s so earthly and simple – much more me than a glitz and glam diamond watch!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    • Thank you so much Jodie! And yes I love the simplicity of it next to my girly items 🙂 It somehow adds so much subtleness to my outfits!

  • I really enjoyed the looks and combinations you have done with accessories. Hope you’ll be noticed by more brand, create other looks and share your opinion with us!

  • Yay I loved this style post! I think your fashion sense is super chic, girly and sophisticated! The watch really suits you and is really unique 🙂 As usual your photo’s are stunning and your flatlay images are perfect! Can’t wait to see even more of your style come through on your blog xo

    Char |

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