The Healthy Habits You Can Totally Commit To in the New Year


Dec 1, 2017

Healthy Habits to Commit to in the New Year

Somehow we are in the last month of 2017.  The month where we all start looking back at our last 365 days and start to dream of how to make the next ones even better.  The dreams and promises of healthy habits to carry us through the New Year seem almost as  exciting as Christmas lights.  Though if you are anything like me sometimes resolutions fall flat.  And it’s simple healthy habits that make the biggest impact on my year.

Eight glasses of water per day.

At first glance this habit seems so simple.  But on the fourth glass of water if you are anything like me you wonder how on earth you can be only half way there?

The secret to success?

Spread it out.  Sitting down to chug eight glasses of water at the end of the day makes the habit all the more daunting.  I always carry a water bottle in my purse so it’s the first thing I reach for as opposed to sugary drinks that I always end up craving. Bonus: Hydration is a skincare necessity so I try to see this habit as absolute key.

Daily vitamins.

I’m not one for specialty vitamins. I like to keep it pretty simple to a multi vitamin + dual use ones.  But this year after discovering how easy (dare I say delicious??) gummy vitamins are, I know I’ll be caring it through the year.  Being anemic means a daily vitamin with iron is essential + I love how fish oil gets me beauty on the inside and out.

Building a grateful heart.

I really, really try hard not to complain.  Though like everyone else out there, it’s scary how quickly the habit to count struggles and  the bad in life creeps in.  Lately, L and I have made the conscientious effort to voice what we are grateful for everyday and it feels  s o  g o o d.  I swear we are in twice as good as moods towards one another and the rest of the world.

This is a habit that I’ve noticed costs me nothing and gives me the most.


Healthy Habits to Commit to in the New Year

No blue light after 9pm.

I have always known that scrolling on Pinterest or Instagram right before I went to bed wasn’t necessarily healthy.  But it wasn’t until this podcast it sort of showed me just how detrimental it all could be to your health.  This will have to be a work in progress habit as lately I seem to be attached to computer with all the projects I have lined up…. but I know it’s an important one so I’ll have to work on a plan to help me get to eventually put down the screen.

Staying active.

Personally I never have struggled too much with this habit, but my move this year really through me off balance.  A new town, a new job and a new schedule had me putting any sort of workout on the back burner and I would be lying if I said it didn’t affect me.  My creativity dropped off, for the first time in my life I think I had some sort of case of anxiety and I just generally felt very… blah.

I’m not even waiting for the new year to keep to this habit and am beyond excited to get back to a daily workout routine.

Stop saying ‘too busy.’

It’s true I’m really, really busy. I think I’m up to four side jobs (!!!) but I noticed I was starting to get into a bad habit of saying “I’m too busy.”  It started to feel like a brush off and a borderline excuse for me to ignore priorities.

I’m simply busy. And with the right amount of planning I can achieve quite a lot within a day.

Rather than brushing people or responsibilities off this year by being “Sorry, too busy,” I want to start looking at the day as half full. Not as half empty.  Also, I need to commit to a new planner already.


It feels a bit odd talking about the New Year, as I swear we can’t be much more than halfway through the year.  Still I know it’s getting here sooner rather than later and I want to keep in mind what healthy habits I’d like to carry with me throughout my next 365 days.

Have any of you started thinking about resolutions or healthy habits you are committing to?



The Healthy Habits You Can Totally Commit To in the New Year


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