How to Create Less in Your Life

While I do love writing posts to help you bring the best of the best beauty or skincare bits,  one trend I’ve been loving more and more is this idea of  l e s s.

Last year I dedicated my entire year to ‘less.’  And after twelve months I had less thoughtless spending and more living.  I’m happy to say it’s a word that completely changed my mindset and helped me in more facets than I thought possible.  Still it wasn’t easy and I would say for a good six months I floundered on how to actually create less in my life.  But today I’m sharing those mindset’s or “Ah-ha!” moments of clarification that helped give me less with you.  Enjoy!

Start at the base.

For the first couple of months I just changed what I was spending my money on.  It wasn’t makeup and skincare bits, but it was just more ‘stuff’ I was so sure would add value by making me more organized.

S o  s i l l y  you guys!

I was compounding my problem as getting more ‘stuff’ for the ‘stuff’ I didn’t even need in the beginning.


It was a hard lesson to learn as a few months later I was getting rid of even more than I originally had, but ultimately it helped solidify my less practice.  For example, my craft table had slowly turned into a ‘stuff’ collector.  It was a place for me to toss items that I didn’t really want to make decisions about, but by selling the table to someone who would truly use it, meant I had to go through the ‘stuff’. I also eliminated an entire place for ‘stuff’ to pile up.  Try to find those places in your home that is simply a ‘stuff’ collector and see if you really need it.

Downsize in steps.

A rather obvious step to creating less, but one I think scares us all a bit because it forces us to make the hard decisions.  When I first decided to downsize from a four drawer vanity to a one drawer vanity… I balked.  In my mind that move was insurmountable.  So I scratched it and kept looking.

Except… I knew that marbled top vanity was exactly what I was looking for.

So rather than looking at it as four drawers to one, I just went from four to three. And then three to two. And you guessed it – two to one.  The whole process probably took about three total weeks and each week it got easier and easier to identify what I didn’t need.

Don’t walk into a room and expect it to become ‘less’ in just a day.  You stand to get rid of stuff you might actually use and you also have a higher chance of getting frustrated and giving up.  Start in a corner and identify something you know you use, toss what you don’t.  After that go to the next corner and start the process over again.

Invest don’t spend.

As in quality, not quantity.  I’m fine spending my money on something that’s going to last me… but I’m over the trends that last one season.

When you start spending less you really start to notice just how far those well earned dollars go.  So while a well made denim staple can be one of the best investments for a closet, yet another cute top may not be.  Try to pin point those items in your closet (or house) you may actually need vs those that just fill it up.  Space in your house, closet and life is valuable – don’t let just anything fill it.

Know what you value.

As in are you willing to go without the newest lipstick so you can ultimately buy a new vanity? Or at least, that’s the question I asked myself.

Practicing less in your life is not just going without.  It’s not setting up a life of constant no’s. It’s living a life knowing what you value.  So yes I probably would have really liked my forty sixth lippy, but I  t r e a s u r e  my new vanity much more.  I also can’t stop dreaming of my last trip to Jackson Hole with my friend Megan and thinking how lucky it was we enjoyed such a real world snow globe.  I value travel  w a y  more than any new beauty invention.

Whether it’s travel, good food, or makeup try to find what you truly value in your life and work towards making that a constant.


For so long  l e s s  seemed so boring.  I thought it was just going to be giving up things I might enjoy, but really  l e s s is just a way of life that gives me more back.  I know minimalism, or the idea of less, has been getting pretty popular lately, so have you jumped on the bandwagon yet? If not, what’s holding you back?

xo Kelsey


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  • I’ve also become extremely interested in minimalism and the journey to owning less but living more. It does make you feel a bit lighter overall.

    • It’s such a great feeling once you get the hang of it 🙂 I’m certainly no pro and I’m sure I’ll mess up again, but somehow it seems so much simpler even day to day. 🙂 Hope you give it a try Katerina!

  • I’m such a hoarder sometimes I wonder if in my previous life I was a hamster.

    • Jen

      Haha! This made me laugh out loud. 🙂

    • Hhaa I can just see your place filled with so treasures 🙂

  • I’ve just started the process of creating less in my life so these tips were so helpful!. It can be hard to throw things away sometimes but it’s such a great feeling afterwards especially when you realize you never used it before anyway!

    • Eee! I’m so excited for you Jacqui 🙂 And yes I couldn’t agree more! Getting rid of stuff you swore you would use one day feels incredibly liberating 🙂 Happy minimalizing! xo

  • Jen

    I definitely agree with the invest versus spend piece as I’m the type to research and agonize over purchases. I could be better about downsizing in steps–once I start a project, I have to complete it–I can see how taking time would lead to better decisions and then outcomes (if only I could convince myself of this with my grad school capstone, ha). Thoughtful post, Kelsey! It’s like a capsule wardrobe for life. 🙂 xx

    Jen | affecionada

    • Oh gosh you sound just like my Momma! 🙂 She is the exact same way with projects and I know we can drive each other mad with how differently we look at things. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post Jen! xo

  • This is so well said Kelsey – not going without but living with value and intend. I’m please it’s working out for you and you’re travelling more 🙂

    I would say I’m living with less and living more (investing in my business and travelling) I find constant stream of stuff makes me anxious and overwhelmed!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • Thanks Hanh! Investing in your own business has to be so so rewarding and I’m so excited to see it’s going so well for you. I can’t wait to see your upcoming videos. xo

      • Thanks so much for your support 🙂

  • Very well said! I never get rid of stuff, because I think I’m too nostalgic. I like to hold on to old things. But at the same time, I know there are tons of un-nostalgic things I have that I really don’t need. This was very inspiring and very helpful, so hopefully I’ll start moving towards less, too!
    Julia |

    • I’m so glad it was helpful Julia! xo

      PS if it helps I was right where you are and then I read the book “live more want less” for whatever reason I really connected with it!

  • It’s such a great idea to have less and actually appreciate everything you have. I’m so bad for hoarding things – especially ones with sentimental value of some sort. I’ve been sorting through my wardrobe for about six months now and each time I get rid of something else, I feel s o o much better! I hate throwing stuff with value away, so I try and sell bits and bobs on my eBay account and then I know they’re going to a loving home 🙂 I have tried starting to spend less on items that I really don’t need, and it definitely feels so much better to save that money that I was going to spend on something pretty useless haha xo

    Char |

    • That’ so smart! I think hoarding clothes is easily my biggest weakness, so I really should try to sell more of them on Ebay. Thanks for reading sweet girl! xo

  • Ela

    I really need to spend less and invest more when it comes to clothes – I have a crap-ton of tops but like 3 pairs of jeans, and that’s just not right considering I wear jeans like 90% of the time.
    Ela |

    • YES – this was so me!! It took me so long to weed through my closet, but I have to say it feels so much better to have much more used 🙂 And I’m right there with you on love for a good pair of jeans! xo

  • Totally agree about downsizing in steps! I find it so much easier to tackle one area at a time. For instance, trying to tackle my entire closet at once feels overwhelming but just doing my shoes and dresses seems so much more manageable.

    Brittany |

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