Microblading for the Nervous

10 January, 2018



  • Ginny Woodruff

    I have been considering it. You brows are fabulous! Thanks for the info…

  • Your brows are amazing! I have been considering it for a while but can’t really get myself to do it. I loved the post and is really helpful!


  • Ooh they look fab Kelsey! It’s not something I would personally get done, only because I am a massive wuss and hate putting myself through any kind of pain – I also have quite dark and defined brows naturally anyway. That being said, it is such a fab option for those who struggle with their brows and have gaps etc. xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  • They look really neat! Although this story did remind me of the time one of my friends got a semi permanent tattoo that was meant to last 2-3 years… 10 years later and it is still there, not faded one bit 🙂

  • Caytlyn A. Kittlitz

    So glad you shared this! I’ve been wanting to get mine done

  • Beneath Willow

    Hi! How are your brows now? Has it been a year since you had them done? I am scheduled to have mine done in May. Super nervous. Your post was VERY informative. Thank you