The New Healthy Habits I’m Trying Out This Year

17 January, 2018



  • Hannah Larson

    I love this! I’m gonna ask Luke if we can try the TV free weekend this weekend. (Eeep! Wish my luck!) I’ve also been trying to get out a you-deserve-it mindset for eating when it comes to treats and junk. Starting with snacks. I’ve been bringing grapes and carrots and hummus and almonds and all that healthy stuff to work and it’s been helping a lot!

    • Thanks Hannah!! You will have to let me know how the TV free weekend goes 🙂 My boyfriend wants to do it every weekend haha but I’m trying to start out a little slower! And I’ll have try bringing hummus too! xoxo

  • Yess, here’s to a healthy-ish 2k18!


  • Love your heart and your intentions for this year – and I love the idea of having a tech-free space. I definitely need something like that in my life.

  • Loving these new habits, trying the same with the tech free corner + beating bad eating habits!

    Hannah | hc.

  • At the end of December I started running… which had nothing to do with new-year-new-me thing, but I just got some decent running shoes for Christmas (thanks, dad). So I guess that counts? 🙂

  • I really need to get back into my gratitude journal – it used to make me feel so much better and made such a difference. Great post and thanks for sharing x

  • I completely adore all of the photos in this post Kelsey! I would really love to create a tech free zone in my future home, it sounds like such a great idea xo

    Char |

  • I love the idea of a TV free weekend, I’ve never thought of this before! I’m also trying to improve the gratitude that I feel in my life as well, it’s so important and it’s only now I’m realising that. 🙂 x

  • I need to start doing the grateful thing! It seems so small but has so many benefits.

    Sarah | More Than Adored