O’ Christmas Tree

These photos are from a couple weekends back, but with how much I’m looking forward to Christmas (and how festive our house is looking) I thought I would share our little Christmas tree hunt adventure.

While I was proud we were grabbing our tree so early on and not saving our adventure last minute, I’m guessing I could have planned a little better. L and I weren’t really shocked to wake up to snow on the morning, but we were shocked at what a white out it turned to be.  Bozeman alone got about eight inches and we aren’t even sure what the total ended up being in the mountains! Needless to say it turned into quite the winter wonderland.

Christmas Tree Hunting

I had planned on us drinking cider and snapping another family photo… but the snow was coming down so heavy just walking around for ten minutes had us constantly brushing off the snow that had piled up on our jackets and gloves.  Poor L didn’t think the snow would get so bad and midway through our adventure we found out his jacket was no longer waterproof! Poor guy.

So my first idea of a stylized blog post pretty much went out the window. I just took the chance to play with my new camera (Sony a6500 for those who are wondering) and soak in all the snow I could.

Christmas Tree Hunting

Christmas Tree Hunting


^^ The only one who loved all the snow was Zeus

Christmas Tree Hunting

Christmas Tree Hunting

Christmas Tree Hunting

If you any of you are in the need for a white Christmas let me know! We got hit again with a big snowstorm Saturday and have another 6 inches piled up. Only this time we were a bit smarter and curled up with pizza delivery and eggnog and brandy.


Will you be getting a white Christmas this year?? It’s probably the one thing I look forward to the most during the winter.


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