Podcasts to Push You Outside of Your Comfort Zone

8 June, 2018



  • I love podcast so much, but I never heard of these 3. I’m going to listen to them ASAP! It’s nice to have new things to listen to, especially if it can push us outside of our comfort zone.


    • These were all new to me as well, but have quickly become my go to. I hope you enjoy them. xo

  • Thank you so much for sharing these podcasts! I’ve been dying to add more to my list now that I’m up-to-date with everything that I currently listen to, and I LOVE the sound of the Mel Robbins one!

    Lizzie Bee // http://www.hellolizziebee.com

    • Eee! You have to let me know how you like the Mel Robbins one 🙂 I’m excited to finally start listening to the audio book I bought from her. xo

  • I’m so bad for pushing myself out of my comfort zone – I am getting a lot better though! I’ve still never listened to a podcast, so I must give one a try soon xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.co.uk