Sneaky Ways to Make Your Closet Feel Twice as Big

Ok.  Let’s just admit that sometimes less is hard.  It can be eye opening and life altering absolutely.  But it can also be really freaking hard.  Especially when you open your closet doors and yep.  The same old pants, sweater and shoes stare at you and dare you to find a combo that you haven’t already worn.  Three times. This week.

I really do think less is a mindset. But I also have had those moments where the two sweaters I stashed in my checkout cart are starting to look  r e a l  good. So here are some ways I help fight the ‘But this top will change my life’ moods.

one.  Layers, layers, layers.

Now that fall has officially arrived the layer game has really stepped up.  Scarves, vests, sweaters, longline cardigans, tights – the options are endless. Use them to help keep your smaller wardrobe fresh and new.

two.  Sweaters over dresses.

Is it a skirt or a dress? No one will be the wiser and you get two totally separate outfits out of just two items.

three. Variety.

Not too long ago I lived for cute t-shirt and jeans.  It was no wonder I got bored so quickly.  Create your own wardrobe staples that can help carry you through the month.

four.  Two words – lipstick and shoes.

Call me crazy but I swear different shoes or even a swipe of bright lipstick change an entire outfit.

five. Different waist lines.

Don’t waist your money on the same cut of jeans in five different shades.  The different styles of cuts will make a way bigger impact on your outfits than colors ever will.

six. Hats.

My obsession with Gigi Pip has been well documented and their options are so great it’s so fun to create new outfits based off… a hat.

seven. Seasonal wardrobe

Hopefully I don’t sound too much like a broken record player, but really this is one of the best ways to give yourself more without spending more.


When I first started out my year of less it was tough to make the switch of feeling like I was constantly stuck with what to wear.  But slowly I found some ways that helped give me more without spending more. And eventually fell in love with my well loved wardrobe.

Do you have any ways that help make your wardrobe feel bigger than it appears?


Sneaky Ways to Make Your Closet Feel Bigger



Sneaky Ways to Make Your Closet Feel Twice as Big


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