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Oh hello! After taking a week off last week I’m excited to be back on a more regular schedule.  Don’t get me wrong.  Sipping wine on the beach and traveling with L are some of my favorite things… but I’m a routine girl. I like having my weeks planned out and after working an 8 to 5 job for four years… I felt odd.  And jumping right back into makeup and cute hairstyles felt even more odd. So I figured  I would just share some more snaps of some of my favorite Southern towns.

I’m quite the sucker for any weathered brick covered in vines and flowers (who isn’t?), which means the South always seems like a bit of heaven on earth.  It’s littered with alleys lined with blooming trees and the details on the buildings would get any Fixer Upper fan excited.  So when my family makes our way down to Gulf Shores I always get a bit excited about the chance to explore the quaint towns.

Natchitoches, LA

One of my favorite towns in the south.  Natchitoches is notorious due to the film, Steel Magnolias (a classic my momma has made me watch again and again!), but I feel like it often gets over looked by the more popular Southern towns.

Natchitoches (pronounced: Nack-ah-dish) downtown is backed up along a river and filled with antique stores and restaurants. My friend and I keep saying it would be the perfect girl’s weekend getaway spot.  We couldn’t believe our luck this year as the crepe myrtle trees were blooming everywhere! I swear there wasn’t a corner or any alley that wasn’t drenched in these flowers.

And all these photos are just from a quick 20 minute walk around the town! Imagine what you could snap with a couple of days.

Downtown Natchitoches Louisiana

Downtown Natchitoches Louisiana

Downtown Natchitoches Louisiana

Savannah, GA

A quick Google search will easily convince you this town is worth a visit.  If you haven’t already heard of it!

I have yet to visit the city myself, but any of  Sara’s travel pieces for the picturesque city have me drooling.  And it’s a good middle ground as it’s somewhere between Charleston and Natchitoches size, yet doesn’t miss out on any of the southern architecture and charm.  River Street, Forsyth Park, and Wormsloe are just a few sites I’m aching to see.

Charleston, SC

I’m not sure if there is a list of Southern towns this one isn’t on… but for good reasons.  There isn’t a corner that this charmer isn’t stunning you with florals and gorgeously colored homes.  I haven’t been in years, but I’m so excited to be planning out a trip with L and some family members so he can finally meet my family + see the South!

I would so love to explore all the city’s restaurants with my sweet friend Luisa as the girl just knows  a l  l  the best places to eat. No matter where she goes! Also Julia from Gal Meets Glam just moved here this past year and I’m not sure whether I enjoy her traveling photos more or her photos of corners around Charleston.

If you are ever in the area make sure to give yourself at least a couple hours for ooh-ing and aw-ing.

Columbus, GA

Once again this is another town I have cousins in and I can’t get over the historical charm their town boasts.

It’s a Southern town placed right along the river. Though one thing I think Columbus gets to boast over the rest of the towns, on this list, is how much they adopt the river life.  Rafting, yoga, and tours.  It isn’t just the lazy river that crocodiles – eek –  hang out in.  It’s a gorgeously decorated town that loves to celebrate with musical festivals, history and plenty of biscuits to go around.

Downtown Natchitoches Louisiana

Asheville, NC

Asheville, while the most Northern town of this list, is also the least traditional.  I’m not even sure where I would start once I got to visit because everyone swears by it all. The arts, the outdoors, the food.  It’s a town that has made quite a name for itself and it’s one I can’t wait to check out!

I was so incredibly grumpy my parents got to visit our family out here last fall. (They left me behind to care for the ranch.) But the colors of the trees were stunning and they even got an entire day in at the Biltmore Estate. Both things that have long waited on my dream list.

I know so many just fly from one big city to the next.  But if you are ever able to take a road trip from state to state, I highly suggest it.  And promise you won’t be disappointed.

What Southern towns have you been lucky enough to visit?


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