Summer Style in Viscata Espadrilles

It’s so hard to believe that Summer is already halfway through! I’ve been over here thoroughly enjoying throwing on a dress and simple sandals rather than dressing in layer upon layer. But possibly my favorite summer style has been the addition of my Viscata espadrilles.

I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of espadrilles for awhile and had yet to find a pair that would go with just about everything. I’ve tried a few tie espadrilles, but ultimately they felt like something I would only wear occasionally. And not the closet staple I was looking for.

Thankfully, I discovered Viscata espadrilles.

Summer Styles Viscata Espadrilles

Ok, well I actually didn’t discover Viscata- they found me!

Viscata offered to send me a pair of their espadrilles and initially I had such a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to add to my closet. The more traditional tie espadrilles were adorable yes, but didn’t quite seem like a staple.

Plus, I’m not much of a heels girl. Simple and flat is my daily motto.

I ultimately choose their Milla Clogs. Part of their newest collection and the perfect balance of what I wanted. They add polish to any outfit without feeling over the top. Plus, I have yet to find an outfit that they don’t go with!

The only warning I would give is that the shoes can be a bit squeaky and the clog style takes a bit to get used to. (Though I’m guessing that has more to do with my lack of practice in heels than the actual shoes themselves.)

Summer Styles Viscata Espadrilles

Summer Styles Viscata Espadrilles
Summer Styles in Viscata Shoes

So far I’ve been so impressed with the quality and style of my new espadrilles. I had been so hesitant to pull the trigger on so many other espadrille styles (one because of price and two because I wasn’t sure how many seasons they would last), but I’m already trying to decide which Viscata espadrilles I’ll buy for myself.

A few of my other favorites from Viscata’s line:

Slide Espadrilles || Canvas Wedges || Platform Espadrilles || Wedges with Frill


Summer Styles in Viscata Shoes



Summer Style in Viscata Espadrilles


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