Well Loved Closet Staples

7 April, 2017



  • For the longest time now all I seem to be buying are basic T-shirt, surely I have all the colours possible by now, but yet a new one always pops up.

    • It’s nice that they go with so many things though! xo

  • Those jeans look so comfy, and I love that necklace, too!

    • Thank you so much Christine! They happen to be some of my most favorites in my closet. xo

  • Basic Tees are my favorite! I absolutely love that necklace that you have on!

    • Thank you so much Maddy! It’s from Jimani collections and its one of my absolute favorites. xo

  • Gosh girl, you are just too cute! 🙂 I’m currently in the process of trying to add more of the well loved basics in to my wardrobe. I always fall for the trends or the idea that I should somehow have completely different clothing items, when actually there are just certain bits that I love and always feel comfortable in. Cashmere sweaters, chelsea boots, skinny jeans and tees are my jam! xx


    • You are to sweet Jenni! And I couldn’t agree more 🙂 Trends can be super fun, but it’s hard when they take up too much of your closet. I really really want to invest in a Cashmere sweater and may have to finally do it this coming winter. I live in sweaters anyways so I may as well enjoy it! xo

  • This so casual yet looks so stylish and fab!
    Loved your footwear.

    • Thank you so much! They are from American Eagle and some of my absolute favorites. xo

  • I love those jeans! I really like your style, it seems so relaxed, I’ve been a lot into this lately <3

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  • I love that you’re sharing more fashion posts, as I find your style super relatable – I actually look at your outfits and think ‘yeah, I could wear that or buy something similar’, as most typical fashion bloggers always wear outfits that I would never dream of wearing, as they’re way too out there and fancy for me haha! No disrespect to those girls though, as they’re fab (and, to be honest, we all wish we could dress like them!). I think the more “typical” and “boring/repetitive” outfits are what more and more people are looking to find now. In real life we all prefer to be comfortable and minimalistic, as it’s just way easier! Can’t wait to see more from you with regards to fashion posts 🙂 xo

    Char | http://www.charslittleblog.blogspot.co.uk

  • I LOVE madewell jeans. I have to admit, I avoided them for a little while because I didn’t believe they were worth the price but boy was I wrong. Once I bought a pair it quickly became the only pair I ever wanted to wear. I ended up buying a second pair identical to the ones I already had a few weeks ago since I wear them pretty much every day!

    Brittany | thechicette.com