Winter 10×10 Challenge

I’ve always brushed off closet capsules as being to rigid and a bit unfair (I know most people can’t justify ten dresses – but I certainly can!), so I’ve tried to focus on well loved wardrobe pieces.  If I use it, it stays. No other rule than that.

Buuuuut this year I was tempted to try the #10x10winter  challenge.

It’s a simple idea started by Lee and Caroline that gives just enough challenge to help you see your closet differently, but doesn’t have you throwing out everything just to proclaim you are a minimalist.  Ten pieces of clothing for ten days.  And maybe a couple new insights on how to appreciate a closet with a lot less.

My 10×10 Challenge Picks

High Waisted Jeans

Striped Turtleneck

Overall Dress

Boatneck  sweater

Snow Boots

Not Rated Brown Booties

White Midi Dress (similar)

Long line cardigan (similar)

Denim A line Skirt

Cropped mustard sweater (similar)


Truthfully, picking out my ten really wasn’t too hard for me.  Though I’ve been working hard on having less in my closet for over a year now. And while at first I was worried that our ultra snowy week would make this a hard, it in fact made it simple.

Snow boots aren’t an option – they are a necessity.


10x10 Winter Challenge


PICK ANY 10 PIECES IN YOUR CURRENT CLOSET. No need to buy something for this challenge! The purpose is to get creative with what we have and utilize it.

STYLE 10 DIFFERENT LOOKS.  Reeeeeeallly push yourself to have no repeat outfits.

COMMIT TO 10 FULL DAYS. You got this.  A week and some change.

HAVE FUN! This challenge less about getting it perfect and more about learning.

What I did not count…

One thing I was quick to look up is what all a #10x10winter does not include.  Turns out you can decide for yourself if you want you want to count towards your ten pieces!

I chose not include the clothes I would wear to the gym, jackets, or base pieces, like fleece lined tights.  I decided to not count jackets because truthfully we may get up to ten inches of snow tomorrow and our temperatures will vary from a high of 15 to a high of 50 within the next week.  So sorry, but I refuse to freeze in the name of fashion for a simple experiment.

Next time I’d really like to challenge myself and include accessories, as well as jackets. But I’m getting a head of myself!  For now I’ll be keeping it simple and essentially limit what I wear to work.

What I hope to learn…

Like I said before, I feel like I have an extra leg up on this challenge as I’ve been practicing this sort of utilitarian approach for awhile.  But I also believe I can learn something from everyone or everything!

So I really would love to learn a little bit more about what I don’t need in my closet.

There have been a few pieces I’ve kept around this season because I truly enjoyed wearing them last winter.  Whether I have better staples this year or simply have out grown them I’m not sure, but I’m hoping this little challenges helps clear those items I’ve been a little iffy on.  And eventually has me reaching for them again or finally committing to donating them.


I’ll be updating each day’s outfit over on Instagram stories, so if you want to follow along make sure to follow me over there. If you have ever completed a 10×10 challenge I would love to hear any advice or have you join along side me!

10x10 Winter Challenge



Winter 10×10 Challenge


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